Thursday, June 16, 2016

British Minister of Parliment (MP) shot dead in the street

A female British MP was shot dead in the streets while meeting with her constituency during the critical time leading up to the Brexit vote.  You can read the details here but now I guess we will be reading about having more gun control in Britain.

But wait, isn't Britain already gun-controlled up the a$$?

Oh, yeah.  That's right.  Poor Jo Cox never stood a chance because the Brits are pretty much all disarmed.  All of them, of course, except the murderous criminals and the body guards of the elite.

Sorry liberals, you can't blame the NRA for this one.  The murderer had time to get off 3 leisurely shots, including one done from close range into her face, without any opposition or threat to his own person.  Nobody was there to help.  No Good Guy.  No good samaritan with the ability to stop the crazy man from shooting.

Face it people, you are never going to stop criminals from having guns and other weapons of death!  You can freaking print them on a 3d printer anymore!  The genii is out of the bottle and cannot be put back in.  The ONLY thing to do is to be armed for self defense yourself whenever and wherever possible and HOPE that others around you have taken the time and expense to do so as well.

RIP Jo Cox, your death might have been prevented if there had been some NRA "crazies" in the vicinity.

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