Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hillary is shining her adoring crowds on with talk of another assault rifle ban

Hillary is telling her fans that she is going to go after assault rifles like her husband did.  Many gun owners are fearful and anxious about this rhetoric.  I say: fear not.  When Bill got it done it was on a temporary basis only and there were only a few thousand people affected.  Additionally, nobody at the time felt that government was the biggest threat to the people, far bigger than any dumb ass terrorists. 

But since Obama got into office and really began threatening people's 2nd amendment in the face of an exponentially rising national debt, sales of assault rifles, or "modern sporting weapons" as they are euphemistically called by the NRA and ammo have gone through the stratosphere.   Because of this it is no longer just the societal fringe prepper which has guns and ammo.  The majority of my friends in high tech have them or have very near plans of getting them.  We are not talking about podunk rednecks here.  We are talking about well educated people of substantial means.  Good luck passing any real laws that violate the sensibilities of this crowd.

Besides, let's say she actually won the presidency and then somehow rammed the law home anyway.  Let's say everyone is ordered to sheeple on over to their local police station and "turn 'em in".  I will literally laugh at the order and tell them I will not comply.  And I will do it loudly and publicly.  Furthermore I bet that a LOT of police and Sheriff departments across this country will stand up and declare that they will not enforce it.  Hillary knows this and Hillary is above all a lying politician who is interested in nothing more than gaining and holding power.  If she gives the order to turn 'em in and everyone laughs at her then she would lose face as commander in chief.  It's just too big a threat to her power and so it will never happen.

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