Thursday, June 9, 2016

Back from my first vacation this year only to find trouble brewing for elitist bankers.

I have to apologize to some long term readers for not giving notice on the public blog that I would be taking a "vacation" over the past 1.5 weeks in order to go refit the "new" 42' yacht (new to me, new to the world in 1972...).  My vacation consisted of 16-18 hours of daily hard labor, but a labor of love to be sure.  We added a big new dive platform, a nicely appointed RADAR arch, an inverter along with associated house battery bank, a huge clean up of the boat electrical system, removal of vestiges of old air conditioners and other gear that people tend to partially tear out when it breaks over the decades.  Many other tasks were performed such as re-gelcoating of the transom and refinish of the cockpit brightwork but we are not even half way done.   We plan to do another big trip over the 4th of July week since my company has declared a mandatory shut down then.

I did give notice of this past vacation on the paid site since I have an obligation there but I failed to think about those who might be trying to sign up for the paid service in my absence.  SORRY guys!  If you need me to do a partial refund for the time that your payments were in my paypal without having access to the paid site, please send me private email and I will do a prorated refund for this month.  Very appreciative of your support and patronage in my new paygo site!

With that business handled, I want to say that things are getting dicey over in the EU with respect to bankers suffering under NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy). Banks would put up with it for a short time but now it is going on for months and no real end in sight.  The Mafioso con men running the show at the top are now  throwing their banker capos under the bus with NIRP and the capos are beginning to complain and beginning to threaten to leave "the family".  This is so typical as a sign of the peaking of the scam.  Each higher level up "asks" (sometimes at economic or literal gun point) for the level(s) below to take one for the gipper so that those at the top don't have to suffer much.  It's accepted for awhile but at some point the minions begin to feel used up and they revolt.  Mish reports that this is happening right now overseas.

Oftentimes when the capos begin to grumble publicly like this, the top criminals take out a hit on them in order to send a message about compliance and patience to the other lesser criminals.  It can take many forms including sudden resignation or firing of the affected CEOs or in some cases even an unexpected heart attack or suicide.  When bankers step off of tall buildings you can pretty much figure out they had some help in their decision.  I'll be looking for signs of the above over the next 1-2 months.


Augustine said...

The most interesting event is that major banks are simply preferring to keep the deposits in their own vaults, instead of depositing them at the ECB, just to be robbed via NIRP. Methinks that it's a kind of revolt, an insurrection among elite members. Such infighting at the top should be good for a lot of popcorn.

The Captain said...

Agree. I wonder at what point we see capital flight from central banks? By that, I mean a run on the central banks by the member banks? If they take their "money" and go home and then buy gold or some other real asset other than the fake money of central banks, central banks go down in a fiery ball.

The end of the global debt Ponzi is coming. I don't know when exactly it will arrive, but it's coming and probably with exponential speed. Meaning it will catch everyone by surprise. Brexit could be the beginning of the end for the EU and the Euro. If that happened the dollar would eventually implode along with all other fake Mammon Money that central banks have conned the people into believing is real. 5 years ago all these words sounded like the ravings of a prepper lunatic crazy. Today they still strike many ears that way but I note that the usual accompanying laughter has been muted. 5 years from now we could all be looking at each other wondering why it wasn't seen as obvious 30 years ago.

Oh, that's right. It was. But they laughed at Ross Perot and then at Ron Paul because they wanted to take away the spiked punch bowl from the children's party.

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