Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So long liberal tolerance, I hardly knew ye.

In yet another proof point of my overarching theme about the societal swing away from liberalism, a NorCal Baptist preacher is publicly saying that the biggest tragedy of the Orlando gay massacre was that more gay people weren't slaughtered.  Not long ago this guy would have been attacked viciously by the state for saying these things, probably charging him with the hate crime of inciting violence against gay people.  Yes, he did receive some blow back for his comments but it was very muted relative to the harshness of the comments and their temporal proximity to the crime.

When the liberal trend was rising, politicians would have fought for and even paid for air time to denounce these comments but now it seems that few are really saying anything about them.  This is because politicians can smell the conservative breeze that is blowing in and they don't want to say anything that could cost them votes in a rising conservative environment.   After all, if Trump's approval rating keeps going up for mocking women and minorities then who in their right mind wants to expose themselves by supporting a declining cause?  Politicians have no real morality or virtue.  They will say and do whatever it takes to get elected.  The ones who really do stand for something, like Ron Paul, are mocked and sidelined.  At least they used to be.  I see this changing going forward.  You will know I am right when they begin erecting statues of Ron Paul and Ross Perot.  It sounds crazy today of course but all my stuff tend to sound crazy until it happens.

For the record, I think that Baptist preacher is an asshole.  A lot of people are grieving their lost loved ones and, gay or not, that loss is real.  A real man of God might think the things that preacher is thinking but he would keep his stinking pie hole shut instead of grandstanding his own relative perfection.  I would not be surprised to learn he has a few skeletons of his own.  Don't we all?

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Augustine said...

A man of God would see the victims more than as someone's children, but as God's children, even in their sinful struggles, which we all have to deal with on this side of Heaven. Their earthly parents are mourning their loss and so is our Father above.

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