Saturday, June 25, 2016

Newt: "People are sick of their elites"

Newt Gingrich is out correctly telling the world that people are sick of "their elites.".  Yes, Newt, thanks for pointing out the obvious.  But please let me add these other should-be obvious points:

- They are not "my" elites. They are a bunch of parasites.  I was sick of them from day 1.  I did not have to wait until the global financial system became in peril or for the global economy to begin peaking in its debt based consumption before I knew that I was sick of them.

- You, Newt, are one of them.  Fuck you and the horse you road in on you self serving bastard.  You sit there acting like all this is something that just popped up but you rode the gravy train as long as you could get away with it despite being reprimanded by Congress itself for ethics violations (AKA corruption). From Wiki:

"The House officially reprimanded Gingrich (in a vote of 395 in favor, 28 opposed) and "ordered [him] to reimburse the House for some of the costs of the investigation in the amount of $300,000".[77][78] It was the first time a Speaker was disciplined for an ethics violation.[79][80]"

So, Newt, don't sit up there all high and mighty you two faced lizard.  We "commoners" have known that you and those like you are corrupt to the core and that the only way you become "elite" is via the power you gain by playing the Mammon money game.  Now get the Hell off of the media because we are tired of seeing your face.

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