Saturday, June 25, 2016

A brief reminder about the true value of stocks.

On the morning of Monday, Aug 24, 2015 the stock market collapsed for no apparent reason.  The collapse happened to the strongest of the strong including the DVY ETF (composed of historically reliable dividend payers) Something was happening for sure but CNBC had no warning.  Someone took their ball and threatened to go home.  Minutes later the collapse had nearly recovered fully and it was almost as if nothing had happened.  For a few tense minutes there was concern but shortly after, the people simply forgot about it and continued to invest in stocks.

As you can see from the longer term chart below, this is not the first time it has happened.

How many times must this happen before people finally learn the truth that I have been telling for a long time now which is that stocks are just another form of fiat currency which have no intrinsic value?  Anything which can collapse that quickly can collapse forever.  I'm not saying it has to happen but to think that it cannot possibly happen is to live under a very dangerous delusion.

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