Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Puerto Rico shows the truth about the two facedness of governments.

There is nothing different between the government of Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, the EU or the USA.  All of them are parasitic in nature.  All feel that they have more of a right to the fruits of your labor than you.  If it were not so then they would not all behave the same way.  But all behave the same way!  All governments everywhere do.

First they come in talking about organizing the nuisance tasks that need to be done in society but that nobody really wants to do.  But over time they wheedle more and more power from the unsuspecting citizens until the state begins to claim ownership over everything and everyone.

If the government tells you to do something then it is never a request.  It is always an order which is, if played out, always backed by use of deadly force.  This is not hard to imagine in a traffic stop situation.  Say you failed to use your blinker, a cop decides that it is a revenue generation event and thus pulls you over to give you a ticket for this horrible transgression/"offense" against the state.

Let's say you pull over and hear him out but when it comes time to sign the ticket you tell him you don't want to do it.  The cop will nicely tell you that its not an admission of guilt but that if you don't sign it you can't go.  So you tell him to shove it, because you don't feel that the state has the right to force you to sign any kind of legal document whatsoever.

So he repeats in a sterner tone of voice that you must comply.

And you re-state your position that you will not.

Do you think it ever just ends there?  Do you think that the cops says, "well, it was only a silly turn signal infraction that we are bickering over" and thus decides to let you have your way?

No.  NEVER will that happen.  You must be taught a lesson because slaves must obey their masters.

So the cop tells you to either sign or he is taking you down town but you lock your door and roll up the window to protect yourself from him.  What do you think comes next?  Yep.  Out comes the gun and the baton and he breaks your window.  Then you either allow him to drag you out or you resist.  This is where your life becomes optional.

So you can see how easily any encounter with The State can be your last if you don't do exactly as you are told.  This example shows that the state is no longer a simple provider of services.  Under the guise of protection, the state has now assumed the role of master with the right to use deadly force at will.  This is just the way it is now and it will not likely change much without some big fight.  You either follow the rules of The State or The State, in all its self righteousness, will punish or kill you.

So now let's flip things around.  You now have people who are doing nothing wrong at all.  In fact, more than that.  You now have people who are doing a favor to The State by loaning it money at low interest rates when it asked for the loan.  These people earned their money and are looking for retirement income and so, idiots that they be, they trusted The State and gave them billions of dollars in loans.  The people were worried about getting paid back but the state promised its most solemn promise - one that was written down it its constitution no less - that the loans would be repaid.

But now that payment is due on these loans, The State says it has no money and that it simply won't pay the money back even if it can possibly borrow the money from another friend in order to do so.  So, even with a potential way to keep its sacred promise, The State decides to break the promise so that its default is to the people, whom it thinks it has dominion over, instead of the friend (who might actually be strong enough to demand repayment at some point).

That is exactly what is happening with Puerto Rico right now.

This is the liberal double standard of big government.  Puerto Rico doesn't mind defaulting on the people because might makes right and the government has armed officers. And while I don't want to say anything bad about Puerto Ricans in general, let's just say that when it comes to gun ownership they have historically been more like California than like Texas.  It was only back in June of 2015 that the gun haters there began to lose real ground in the gun ownership battle.  According to Wiki, "Prior to Judge Irizarry's June 2015 ruling, a person was not able to possess ammunition unless they held a firearms license. They could also only purchase the type of ammunition that corresponds to the caliber or gauge of ammunition of their registered firearm.".  So you can see the state had arbitrary control over the people's comings and goings with respect to firearms.  In 1 year some laws have changed but it takes the people many years to catch up.  Thus The State still fears the terms that would come with getting a congressional bail out more than it fears tearing up its own constitution and screwing its investors out of billions.

When the pukes running any government fear the people above all else, the people will see justice.  Until then, not so much.  This is why everyone should own guns and ammo and its why they should attain and demonstrate their proficiency in using them.  Only under these circumstances do the corrupt bastards running governments realize who the boss really is.

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