Monday, February 5, 2018

Will Buffett Bashing become a national past time?

I predicted years ago that one of the important signs that the end of the global debt Ponzi was likely in progress would be that the adoring, sheeple-like followers of Warren Buffett would become disillusioned by his constantly repeated "buy and hold forever" strategy.  They would, at some point, realize that Buffett was just another leveraged liberal hiding in conservative's clothing and that most if not all of his storied success was due to the rise of the global debt Ponzi along with his access to and use of illegal insider trading news (i.e. tight ties within the shadow government including the federal reserve).  Of course these are just theories with no current proof but Buffett has stunk to my sensitive nose for a long time now and my nose is pretty good at sniffing out stinkers.

Of course this all sounds crazy right now, even to long time readers who have seen so many of my model based predictions come true (not all of them do of course but enough where a thinking person cannot write me off as insane).  But we are now starting to see early signs of Buffet Bashing with stories like this one on Yahoo Finance.  All this really proves is that the market is full of liberal fools whose mantra is "what have you done for me lately" and whose national anthem begins with the words, "You're only as good as your last successful call" which, for Buffet, has apparently not been recent enough for market participants.

I'll be looking for more of this as a sign that the recent pull back was more than just a headfake. 

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