Monday, February 5, 2018

The NFL is in trouble.

Several times I have posted in these pages that NFL style blood sport is liberal in nature.  Conservatives conserve things.  Liberals act like money grows on trees and that life is a given.  True conservatives do not want to send their children to war, to the MMA or to NFL.  They just don't.  They know these things do not prolong your life and in fact can have just the opposite effect.  The NFL also showed its liberal bent by kneeling for the anthem just because Trump got elected.  I have warned the NFL in these pages that they were already facing a cyclical headwind and of course nobody running that show has apparently figured this out because they kept on and on with the antics again at the superbowl.

Well I'm afraid those antics are not going to end well for the NFL.  There is a groundswell of negative sentiment beginning to rise up from the 75% of the USA that can't even afford football tickets for their family anymore.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy to think that the NFL is about to get smacked in the face by a 2 by 4 but my models see it coming as early as this year.  Right wing organizations are now allowing negative sentiment NFL sales on their sites.  Proof point is this email spam I received from today.  While the ad is disavowed, the point is that it was allowed.  The disavow was the lawyers talking but the allow was the money talking.  These websites are finding that people are losing interest in the NFL for a variety of reasons, all of which boil down to it being a liberal organization.

When have you EVER seen anyone trying to sell anti-NFL gear before?  In what alternate universe does that ever happen.  But folks, its happening today, right here, right now.  Let me make a very bold prediction based on where I see things going for the NFL.  This is not an accusation and I have zero evidence that any wrong doing has occurred.  But I do have models of what is likely occurring out of sight when people get too liberal (human centric, G-d is dead, etc.) in nature and my model is suggesting that some kind of big human rights scandal is likely coming to the NFL within 2 years.  I'm talking major stuff here like human slavery, forced prostitution and the age old past time of the elite, pedophilia.  I suspect once trump regains control over the FBI, DOJ and other currently massively liberally infected government organizations that they will begin doing their job again and stop turning a blind eye to these activities.  I believe that we will find that major football events have long been gathering points for these illegal activities of the elite.  The NFL will be thrown under the bus for the benefit of the moral majority who are going to be demanding more and more proof that things are changing from the last 50 years of liberal lean.

Yes I know it sounds crazy and in fact like some sort of conspiracy theory.  I KNOW, I know.  But where was everyone else when I stated that my models said Hillary would lose despite insane money coming her way?  They were laughing at me, that's where.  So instead of laughing this time I encourage my detractors to sit back and be patient.  Maybe I see something they do not.  Just maybe. And I think we all know it is hard to see the truth about anything if you spend more time ridiculing it than thinking about it and investigating the veracity of the supporting evidence.

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