Monday, February 26, 2018

Thin blue line? What line?

There is a long standing custom that cops don't talk bad about cops.  Not in their own division, their own force, or any force in the country.  Why?  Because all of them live in glass houses so who wants to be the first to start a rock fight!

Well, as I indicated would be a sign of the impending collapse of the global debt Ponzi, the organized crime syndicate known as big government is now turning on itself and telling on itself.  I have dubbed this new propensity the "tattle battle".  Today's installment is former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik.  Despite he himself having been a willing pawn of the liberal New York political structure, Kerik is out in full public attack of the Broward County Sheriff's Office.  Kerik called the alleged cowardice of the BCSO "outrageous" and then followed this up with a recommendation that the officers involved be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Talk about outrageous!   When have we ever heard this kind of top level brass talking about throwing fellow cops under the bus so hard like this when he could instead have picked up the tired old gun grabber response to mass shootings?  That would be, um, approximately never.  Yet here we have it, blue on blue media wars.

So why is Kerik doing this?  He's no longer the NYC police commish yet he's flapping his gums and creating a breeze?  What's the purpose.  Well in my view the criminals of big government all know they are being overpaid.  Their retirement pension promises are huge at a time when nobody else in the working public gets a retirement.  Why did they get this massive perk?  Simply because the fooled everyone into thinking that it would result in better security by attracting and retaining heroes.  But with the BCSO show of mass cowardice, that notion is blown apart.  This BCSO fiasco will service to awaken many liberals who would have been very quick to praise the police in the past.  Going forward they will not be so confident in police and without confidence then why participate in the funding of their imaginary security con game?

Yes, that's right.   Kerik's remarks and recommendations are only there to bolster confidence in the police by the public.  He needs to paint these 4 individual BCSO officers as bad apples, very bad.  Massively negligent to the point of deserving prison bad.  He wants to send the message the cops do not have the choice to hide cowering behind their cars in an active shooter situation while those who pay them are slaughtered.  At first these kind of remarks will give some people more confidence but it will not last long.  More people will lose confidence in the cops over this than anything.  Kerik's words are just words.  17 people are still dead because of massive failure of law enforcement and anyone who tries to turn this tragedy into yet another futile gun grab is going to draw back a bloody stub.

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