Friday, February 23, 2018

San Antonio resident demonstrates proper gun control

A resident of San Antonio TX today demonstrated excellent gun control. has the story.  Apparently, some useless crook came to his door in the middle of the afternoon and forced his way inside using a gun in an attempted home invasion.  In response, the resident did not try to run and hide in a closet as the government would have instructed him to do so in these circumstances.  Instead, this exceptionally well prepared person produced a gun and blasted the life out of the dirtbag robber, all without apparently getting injured himself.  That is some really excellent gun control!

And so I ask my readers, where were the cops in all this?  How could even the best police officer out there possibly be where he needs to be when he needs to be there in order to keep people safe?  HE CAN'T!  How is it possible that so many head in the sanders cannot fathom this obvious truth?  The Texan who relieved the bad guy of his worthless life certainly would have been robbed blind had he not been fully prepared and trained and proficient with a fire arm.  PERIOD.  The thug went to his house with a clear purpose.  Had his wife been home he might have had to sit there tied up as she was raped.  Had his children been home they might have been bundled off and sold into slavery.  It happens folks.  And of course the robber might just have killed everyone in order to leave no witnesses.

Yet the government would have us all feel guilty for owning guns and taking charge of our own personal security.  It's obvious why they do it - money, power and control.  All of the weaknesses of the flesh are the reason.  What's not obvious is why everyone cannot see how damned stupid it is to even listen to someone try to shame you out of your right of self protection.  Fortunately for my fellow Texan, he did not listen to the liberal story line and he did not buy into the government monopoly on maintaining law and order.  He will be alive to talk about it for years to come as a result.  I wish everyone else who has needed a gun for self defense but did not have one could say the same.

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