Sunday, February 25, 2018

The truth about polls

It is a well know fact that figures don't lie but that liars can figure.  And they can conduct polls as well.   Newsmax reports on a recent USA Today poll about gun control indicating that "we" cannot expect congress to do much about gun control even though "we" overwhelmingly support it.  A CNN poll concurs, "we" all want more government gun control.

There it is in black and white, "we" overwhelmingly want gun control but its our liberal congress that is for some reason against it.  Probably because the NRA controls everyone, etc.

Well here is my take: if you want a real mirror on what the public is thinking, look not at what politicians say but what they do.  The NRA cannot get anyone elected.  They can provide bribes to elected officials if they want to just like liberal lobby groups can.  But if you want to get elected or re-elected then you better listen to the people and at least act like you are working in their interests. So I can only laugh at the poll data provided by liberal USA Today and the ultra liberal Clinton News Network (CNN) AKA Fake News Central.

Lemme ask you something.  If I walk into a gay bar a take a poll about gays getting special rights over the rest of us (AKA "gay rights") what do you think the outcome will be?  Do you think it will be the same outcome as the same poll taken at a church?  Of course not.  So just forget the polls fed to you by main stream media.  Instead, watch what POTUS, SCOTUS and congress are doing.  These are all very intelligent people who know which way the wind is really blowing in aggregate.   Their actions will tell you what the rest of the herd is really thinking in aggregate.

Look what Trump offered the liberal anti gun crowd after the Fl school shooting - some mention about getting rid of a fringe self defense item like bump stocks.  I would not own a bump stock.  You cannot have good control over your weapon when it is fired using recoil to help press the trigger repeatedly. Watch for yourself here.  It's just a great way to waste ammo.  It might be of some small use in a large scale warfare situation where many attackers are present and only as a way of laying down cover fire. In other words, spray lead in the direction of the enemy so that they keep their heads down while elements of your forces use the cover to re-position, collect wounded or other tasks. 

In fact experienced gun owners know that full auto is in the same boat as bump stock "auto".  Watch for yourself here.  And note how close the targets are.  Try that from 100 yards and you might not hit anything with full auto whereas experienced shooters like hickok45 who runs that Youtube channel would hit at least 9/10 of those water jugs in semi auto mode from 50 or even 100 yards.  He is right, full auto is for Rambo movies, not for real tactical self defense.  And bump stocks are even less accurate than full auto making them even more stupid for self defense.  So Trump's talk about banning them is obviously not a real poke at legit gun owners.  It's mainly to shut up liberal anti gunners who have zero understanding about the use of guns and most of which have never fired or even held a gun before.

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