Friday, February 2, 2018

Markets sell off on decline of confidence in associated authority.

I must say that I am enjoying the big government melt down that is in progress right now.  Unprecedented things are happening right now, truly of historical significance IMO.  The ousting of FBI heads, the turmoil within big government and the very beginning of the skeletons marching out of the closet as I predicted they would.

Today's big story is how the FBI hid information when petitioning the corrupt POS FISA court for surveillance warrants trying to dig up dirt on Trump.  Or at least that is what people think is the big story.  But they are wrong.  The big story is that the report was released, that transparency was chosen over secrecy and that the American people were allowed to get a better view of the Lucha Libre that our corrupt government has devolved into.

Why did Trump release this?  Well of course part of it was because it suggests that the FBI was treating him unfairly and in fact illegally. But the REAL reason Trump released it was in order to gain the confidence of the American people.  He seems to know that TRANSPARENCY is the new TRUST.  Everything he does is transparent and even if he sometimes looks like a doof with all his Twittering and political misstatements it still all adds up to the most transparent presidency perhaps in history.  And the crowd is eating it up.

With that said, everyone on both sides of the aisle have skeletons.  The GOP are no angels.  It will be interesting to see how the dems respond to this direct body hit by Trump.

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