Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Think for yourselves, America

Government is always trying to disarm the people so that when their debt Ponzi finally blows up, the people will not be able to depose corrupt government and install proper leadership.  The debt Ponzi has already blown up in Argentina and the people are in a great hyperinflationary depression.  Brazil now has effectively declared martial law in Rio for similar reasons.  The people are giving up on the notion that big government is anything more than a criminal organization and they are no longer following the rules laid down upon them by their self declared masters.

All of these things and more will come to every nation running a debt Ponzi, no exceptions.  When the Ponzi goes into collapse, the people lose confidence in the con. They stop believing that government has any more authority over the people.  For some people, mainly the liberals in population, that means turning to crime.  They justify their actions using the argument that they are only getting what was already promised to them by big socialist government.   So their response is to begin opportunistically grabbing whatever they can.

When this happens, the conservative patriots among us have to step forward and put a stop to it.  We cannot just sit back and wait for a government response because once government is allowed to do this, everyone is treated like a criminal.  I should only have to point no further than the recent history of school shootings to make my point.

While the active shooter is killing people, the police are either en route to the scene or cowering behind their vehicles waiting for the shooting to stop so they can take control and act like they are in charge.  But once in control a reasonable person would think that they would differentiate between the criminals and the victims. BUT THEY DON'T.  Once the government takes control, everyone is a bad guy and everyone has to go through government screening and controls.  Common sense approach?  FORGET IT.  All the government knows is the heavy handed approach of treating everyone like a criminal.

Look at airplane security.  Those with the money to do so buy their way around the perp treatment by getting tsa pre check status using global entry and other programs which the government administers (and charges a fat fee for).  Everyone else gets to do a perp walk through the millimeter xray machine which I can pretty much tell you will eventually result in glaucoma for frequent travelers.  You think the government cares?  Please.  The government doesn't give a shit about you.

Look at how people are being treated in Rio right now.  Stop and frisk by some asshole in a Darth Vader suit.  You think I want a band of armed thugs pulling me over and frisking me and wasting my time and treating me like I'm a criminal just because they have nothing better to do?  Certainly the soldiers in the picture below could have taken one look at the bus full of women and concluded that it was not a high priority to stop and search.  Yet here these parasites are doing just that.  You think you will be treated any better?  Really?

No, folks, when the crisis finally arrives, expect everyone to be treated like criminals with the cops acting like only police can be trusted.  All you have to do is look at the handling of Sandy Hook and Stoneman Douglas school shootings.  Look at the kids, who have just been traumatized by murderous gunfire, being perp walked like they are some big threat to coward cops.

The only way to avoid being victimized by big governments during crises of their own making is for the conservative patriots to step up and fill the power vacuum.  Step up and protect your neighborhood from gangs and looters and other criminals.  When the cops try to push their way in and demand that they be given a monopoly on security, send them packing to some where else where liberals live.  Don't let them get a foothold in your neighborhood because just like any other pest, once they are established you have to work 10x as hard to get rid of them as if you had just done the right thing up front.

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