Friday, February 23, 2018

Deputy on site at Fl school shooting pussed out in the heat of battle.

In yet another example of why it is foolish to outsource your personal security to government, witness the new facts revealed about how one deputy arrived early on the scene of the recent Fl school shooting.  Shots were being fired while he sat outside shaking in his cowardly boots.  Instead of following police policy to go in and actively engage the threat, officer Coward decided that his own life was more important than the lives of 17 people, many of them teenagers, who were facing an armed assault inside the school.  He just waited for 4 minutes outside as the death count was ringing up.  And yes, it was pure cowardice.  Look at what the commanding officer said, the actions of the cop made him sick to his stomach.  It's an open admission that his team has cowards on it.

Do you think that an armed teacher would make the same decision?  In my view, probably not.  You see, a teacher is the closest thing we humans have to family besides actual family.  The student teacher bond is well documented throughout the ages.  How many people have I met in my life?  Many thousands to be sure, but I can remember at least 70% of my elementary, middle school and high school teachers.  Not just their names but their faces and personalities.  And I have a crap memory for these things.  Teachers hold a special place in the lives of all of us.  This is not some emotional statement but rather a review of the obvious facts.

I would really like to hear from the liberals on this matter of the policeman who was assigned to protect that school freezing up like he did and leaving all those people to die without hope.  All he had to do was get close and fire a few shots without even revealing himself and the shooter would have had to change his posture from easy-slaughter-mode to duck-and-weave-they're-onto-me-mode.  Just this type of very safe, out of harm's way involvement could have slowed the kid down enough to allow backup to arrive thus saving lives of some of the kids.

Now let's review the truth that I have written time and again in these pages: police are pack hunters.  When you put them together in a squad and give them every tactical advantage that money can buy and then allow them to kick in the door at a time of their choosing when the victim is asleep at 3am, well these guys are pretty tough.  But take away the pack, take away the advantages of a planned assault and in fact put the cop on level playing field with his opponent and, well, the outcome is self evident.  Will this be true in every case?  Probably not.  But if government forces me to outsource my personal security to someone else then it better never be true because my life and the lives of my family do matter.  Hit and miss police work does not fill me with confidence.  And that is after they actually arrive.  Most of the time that test cannot even be taken until after the damage is done because the cops take too long to arrive. 

It makes me wonder if cops hear about a school shooting and then respond with all vigor.  After all, each time many people are killed by the gun, organized law enforcement always benefit.  There is always more pressure to remove everyone's guns so that cops would be the only ones with guns, except the crooks of course because they will not follow the new laws any more than the old ones.  And cops will get retention raises, etc. from a frightened herd if they think it will keep us safer.  So cops just love all this carnage because it justifies their existence.  If you couple the profit motive with the desire not to get shot by some wacko kid, it only makes sense for the cops to drag their feet on the way to an active shooting.  And now we see proof that if one cop arrives before his pack shows up that the odds are not zero that he will not engage the shooter on a level playing field.

We really need to ask ourselves how much of the feeling of safety from police presence is real, and how much is fantasy?  How much of their security is actually fake?  In my long standing view which is completely supported by today's revelation about officer Coward, there is a lot more fake security associated with police than the herd really wants to admit.  But as the conservative wave washes over not just the US but the whole world, it will rinse the liberal crap out of people's eyes so that they can see the truth for what it is again.


unknown said...

You never been in combat stick to thoughts about the market, you don't know what your talking about when it comes to combat, one never knows what one will do.

The Captain said...

I know that the deputy accepts money to protect people, that he froze up when he was supposed to be going after the criminal and that he makes his boss sick to his stomach just thinking about what a coward he was. I know this is in line with what I have been writing about police for a long time. Sorry if you don't like the facts but his actions are exactly why people who trust the police for their personal security are idiots.

By the way, most of my market commentary is now in my subscriber's blog. The legacy blog is mainly about socioeconomics and conservative thinking.

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