Friday, February 23, 2018

Liberal school teacher: "our government has failed us".

This is the face of a liberal spirit.  You can just tell by looking at her.  She's a good soul, a nice person but still naïve about the realities of the world which we conservatives somehow are able to see so clearly.  The fact that she chose to be a teacher is yet another hint about this.  It is important to consider this in light of the words that she recently spoke after having been let down by law enforcement in the recent matter of the Fl. school shooting. 

She said, "We could not have been more prepared for this situation, which is what makes it so frustrating. We did everything that we were supposed to do. Broward County Schools has prepared us for this situation, and to still have so many casualties, at least for me, it's very emotional. Because I feel today that our government, our country, has failed us and failed our kids and didn't keep us safe."

Look at her face.  It is the face of slow awakening that I told you would be coming to our liberals as the conservative wave moved across the country.  She thought that if she just listened to the useless leaders who put on such a loud but pointless show that everything would be all right.  Clearly, she thought wrong.  She is being hailed as some kind of hero for hiding in a closet with 19 of her students but in her heart she knows it was a futile and ridiculous defense from someone who is intent on killing.  That closet did not save her from the AR15 folks.  The shooter was just too busy killing others to get to this teacher and her stash of kids.  This woman has come to the obvious realization that she and her students are still in this world today not because of intelligent, caring and effective government, but by stupid dumb luck of the draw. 

That is why she is so down.  This woman is not out there screaming about gun control.  She's more focused on why, given the current gun regulations, government was not able to effectively plan a defense against this happenstance.  Instead, she was told to scurry into a dark place with as many as possible in tow, shut the door, turn out the lights and cower in fear like mice when the big cat is on the prowl.

Her name is Melissa Falkowski and she obviously did not appreciate the abject stupidity of the "run and hide" defense until she actually had to use it.  And now, as I predicted would happen, she has lost faith in the big government and in the police as the monopolistic protectors of our security and well being.  She knows she and her kids were at the mercy of a monster and she does not like the feeling.

Why it is that so many people have to go through something like this before they can see the obvious is beyond me.  The training they gave her was useless.  It was worse than useless because it gave the false sense of readiness and preparation.  They told her that if she had their training then it would all work out fine.  But she doesn't feel fine.  She feels like she just survived a big government cock up.

Of course the truth is that it is pure folly to outsource your personal security to someone else who may or may not be available when you need them and who may or may not be of the mind that they will consider taking a bullet for you.  Government didn't let her down; she let herself down by being so gullible as to believe every word that emits from a government stuffed shirt.  This closet that they told her to retreat to: was it a safe room?  Did it even have a reinforced door?  How about bullet resistant front wall?  Nah.  Those things cost money!  It's much cheaper to tell the gullible little woman that she will be safe by running into a closet.

Now, if she had a gun and could push all the kids to the back of the closet and then stand in front of them in case the shooter tried to kick in the door then wouldn't she feel just a little bit more empowered?  If she could hold a gun in her hand and know which end of it the bullets go into and which end they come out of, would she be traumatized like this?  If all the teachers there had the same would 17 have died so easily?

This is how the liberals are waking up - the hard way.  I think that this woman is as likely to get behind Trumps guns in classroom statements as she is to back degunnification of the population.  This is only the start.  Soon enough liberals in droves will be buying their own guns simply for having lost faith in the fake protection offered by big government.

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