Sunday, February 25, 2018

This is where is gets ugly for the liberal gun grabbers

In the past when some tragic gun related incident would happen, the liberals would just focus on the fact that a gun was used in the crime and the media would happily ignore all other factors leaving the most stupid or gullible among us with no other choice but to conclude that there would be no crime if only guns were declared illegal and removed from the hands of citizens of the Republic. 

With the recent Parkland FL school shooting, however, the liberal political windfall of a gun slaughter event is not turning out as expected.  This time we are finding out the whole story (and there is ALWAYS a "whole story" folks even if liberal media of the past has not reported on it).  We are learning that the disturbed kid, whose head was clearly squirming like a toad, had seen many police visits for disorderly and antisocial behavior.  He had bragged that his goal was to become a "professional school shooter" (see note 1 below).

We are also finding out that the officer whose specific job it was to protect the school pussed out and left the students and teachers to their own devices running and hiding in closets and the like as if that is any kind of intelligent defense against an active shooter.   And more recently, we are finding that others from the Broward County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) ALSO pussed out.  That's right, no less than three other BCSO) officers arrived at the school during the shooting and instead of going in with their bullet proof vests, they cowered behind their cars while everyone was being slaughtered inside.  No police actually entered the building until Coral Springs city cops showed up to actually do their jobs.  Armed with these FACTS and despite ridiculous claims of "Amazing leadership" by the police administration, the NRA has come out swinging with allegations that the Broward County Sheriff's Office is guilty of dereliction of duty.

OK so this liberal political windfall and their notion of "never let a serious crisis go to waste" is now suddenly blown up in their faces.  Since the media is a reflection of the herd and since the media is actually reporting these negative facts about the establishment, I can only conclude that a significant number of people are now blaming the police for the extent of this crisis, perhaps even more so than the gun this time.  And to that I can only say that the worm has turned.  This is a third wave event in the decline of liberalism.  The notion that big brother can be trusted to take care of us is being dashed to the ground.  The view that all cops are heroes has been exploded and we are finding that many cops are actually cowards unless they get the perfect setup for an assault with all factors in their favor.  This can no longer be viewed as a one off event.  Yes, good cops do exist and the proof of that is that Coral Springs officers entered the building to do their job as BCSO cowered outside.  But the notion that all cops are heroes or even that all cops are good has been exploded in a very public way.  The big take away here for the herd is that you are an idiot if your only plan for personal security is to count on police to not only be there when you most need them, but to actual be brave enough to do the job they signed up for and which they are being paid for.

Warren Buffett once said that,"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked".  He was referring to the financial markets but the applicability of that truth is much broader.  The liberal tide is now in ebb and so we are finally going to see how a massive part of big government is just a different kind of organized crime, loaded with fraud, waste and abuse.  YES there are some needed government agencies.  And YES many government workers perform a valuable service.  NO the government should not have a publicly funded pension system since nobody in the real world gets one.  And NO the government should not be immune from its own rules thus creating a political caste system.  Cops who see other cops break the law should immediately and without hesitation treat the situation just like they would if you or I were caught in the act.  Politicians should have to live under the same rules and laws that they put in place for the rest of us.  All of these changes are coming folks.  BIG changes are coming and no amount of liberal scheming, whining, manipulating, covering up of the facts, etc. is going to change that because the herd has woken up finally and the pendulum is swinging back toward the right.

NOTE 1:There's something about that statement of his that is a bit haunting to me because the meaning of professional is that someone is paid for their work.  I wonder who gave him the notion that killing his classmates could result in payment.  I set that aside for now but it would not surprise me to find that there is an invisible hand guiding these shooters to their tasks in order to achieve their political goals.  Yes, you can laugh at the notion but don't laugh too hard because if someone had told you that the IRS was discriminating against conservatives a few years back that would have been a laughable notion as well.  Until, of course, it was found to be absolutely true.  All I'm saying is that it is foolish to think that evil doesn't exist.  It does and it runs deeper than most people can fathom IMO.

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