Thursday, February 8, 2018

Condominium political economics

I've never owned a condo so I really didn't know much about them until I began to see them go into collapse during the 2008 financial crisis.  The key thing I noted was that when people began walking away from their condo payments and letting the unit either sit idle or revert back to the bank (which would not foreclose for fear that someone would ask them to pay the monthly maintenance fee), the condo association didn't bother to try to cut back on their monthly fee.  That fee is supposed to pay for landscaping, lawn mowing and possibly other services (or possibly not) that you may or may not want to (or afford to) pay.  You would think that in times of crisis when people are losing their jobs that the condo association would cut down on some of the services in order to reduce the monthly burden, especially for those who were struggling to pay their mortgage due to job loss.

But no, the condos did not do that.  In fact, they did just the opposite.  They have it written in the rules that the monthly maintenance cost is fixed and thus if the number of payers change then the fee changes in step as a result of costs being divided between more or less people at any given time.  And the condo "owners" signed up for it because the price of a condo is low (and not without good reason).  In any case, as their neighbors defaulted on their promises, those who stayed just got a bigger and bigger condo fee bill each month.  Those who had the ability to pay were asked to pay.  I say "asked" but what I really mean is "threatened" because if you don't pay the fee they put a lien against your condo so you can never sell it.  Eventually you run the risk of getting evicted and certainly your credit is shot.

So I am coining the new phrase "condominium political economics" to refer to the situation whereby a fixed set of fees that you are used to paying 1/x share of when lots of others are helping can turn into you having to pay 1/y where y is a much smaller number than x.  The overarching factor here is not fairness but rather who can the parasites that are demanding the fees at gunpoint get their monthly take from?  In other words, who has the ability to pay?

Perhaps you have heard about something called universal basic income.  It's a plan to provide at least some income for those who make little to nothing.  While it is sold as being the very milk of human kindness it is in fact, like everything the scam ridden government says or does, just another scam.  Government does not have any money to give away.  What it gives to someone else comes right out of the pocket of the workers.  So why would government do this?  Simple: control.  If I go to a homeless person each month and give him $500 just for breathing and then later on I ask him/them to vote for me to be in office, it is clearly in the best interest of the homeless (or illegal alien, or, or, or) to do this since it will likely bring with it more payments.  In our system of democracy, the majority can actually vote for the minority to hand them money each month.  What a scam!

Well in Stockton Ca, yeah the same city that went bankrupt on April 1st 2013, wants to be the first in the nation to implement a universal basic income system.  Well, folks, get ready for the arrival of condominium political economics!  If they are allowed to do this then who will pay?  Why the people will pay of course!  But when people are asked to pay too much, they just finally pack up their shit and leave.  Businesses are the last to be able to leave because they have buildings and capital equipment and local supply chains, etc. all set up after years of hard work getting it just right.  They damned sure do not want to leave.   So they are like the honest condo owners who defied the temptation to just walk away from their upside down condo.  The ones who stay will be the ones to pay.

Just because government is taxing you more does not allow you to raise prices!  With Amazon and Ebay I have no idea where my goods are coming from.  All I know is to sort by price + shipping and if the seller is 97% positive feedback rating and has sold more than 20000 items then the odds of him ripping you off are low.  That is what CA businesses are up against regardless of the overhead put upon them by their parasitic government.

Businesses are leaving California in favor of lower tax environments already but if Stockton and others are allowed to run a Condominium political economics scam on them then the rate of exodus will accelerate with the burden growing more and more heavy on the hangers on until they all squeal in pain.

As you have guessed by now, another more common way of saying condominium political economics is socialism.  In Venezuela when things began to plummet, the government just told the people that the local companies were gouging the people.   When the people heard this, they either looted the business or had government put price controls in place.  Of course, as soon as businesses that had been thus attacked ran out of stock do you think they bought more and replenished the showroom floor for the thieves on the street working in conjunction with those in government could steal from them again?  Of course not.  And so one by one the businesses said their farewells and away they went.  They will never come back. They lost years of work and building and billions in wealth to the stroke of the pen or to the word of a corrupt politician who pandered to the people to buy votes (I call that corruption).

If this universal basic income is allowed then governments will be asking for cost of living increases for the recipients.  It will begin asking for raises for them too.  It will also wonder why poor people shouldn't live in a nice house and be able to drive a car without ever working to produce anything.  It will go on and on until everyone with a brain has run away from those places screaming.

Universal basic income is SUCH a slippery slope.  You have to be a moron to not be able to see how the small rock turns into a giant snowball as it picks up momentum down government hill.  Stop universal basic income in your state if you know what's good for you.  Something for nothing never worked before and no it won't be different this time.

Sure, this first round is being funded by a philanthropic grant so it does not affect taxpayers and businesses immediately.  But this is the way it works when someone is trying to f--- you up the a$$.  They don't just stick it in dry if they want to succeed.  They have to butter things up.  This free version of UBI will result in what?  OH YEAH, a STUDY that "proves" how $500 a month turned a useless person into a real taxpayer over time.   It will show how the free money is actually an investment with positive returns.  I can already see the entire manuscript in my mind because it has been done 1000 times before.  What do you think a study that is paid for by someone will say?  It will say whatever the Hell the person who paid for it wants it to say.  Period.  Or they never would have paid for it.  Period. 

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