Monday, February 5, 2018

New comment policy - anyone signed into their Google account should be able to comment and see it in real time.

Long time readers know that this blog is just a sideline for me.  I don't make any money off of ads, here.  I do use it as a forum to occasionally show people my Elliott wave work and I do offer subscriptions to my paid Elliott wave market timing subscriber site from the tabbed menu a the top of this page.  But there are no 3rd party ads allowed on my blog, now or ever.

This blog is thus what I consider a social charity - giving something to others without any expectations in return.  As such I have to manage my time carefully because these things can eat you alive, sucking up hours that should be spent earning money for retirement or other productive ventures so that I am not disappointed when my social security check from Big Government fails to arrive.  Managing comments has proven to take a lot of time due to the advent of AI generated spam which is getting smarter and smarter.  As a result, comments have piled up in my moderation page, sometimes take many weeks before I find time to go through them in bulk.  As a result, some good comments from real readers have not been posted in a timely fashion.

As of today I am changing my comments moderation policy.  I will no longer moderate any comments made by anyone with a google account who is signed into that account.  Please do not take this as my promise to respond to every if any comments.   While I would like to do that, intelligent responses take some thought and that takes precious time.  I work a real job full time and when not doing that my life is VERY full with projects related to the refit of my 42' fishing yacht, "Third Wave".  It's a huge job, much larger than most people can imagine.  Vessels in this class are self sufficient micro homes with propulsion, power generation and distribution, fresh and salt water management, human waste disposal requirements, cooking, eating and sleeping accommodations, you name it, and all of it set up to exist in a corrosive saltwater environment.  But when you consider that a new version of this vessel will run close to a million dollars and that my budget is only 10-15% of that number, the difference is made up in sweat equity.  So I really don't have spare time for too many things and have even considered closing this blog down until the boat is finished.  So please forgive me if I do not respond to comments very often, it's nothing personal against anyone I assure you.

Thanks for your interest in my blog!
-Captain Dave

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