Sunday, June 17, 2018

Peak liberalism = Peak Angela Merkel

Mish has been following the trouble brewing over in Germany.  Merkel's last ditch effort to stay in power, namely the influx of countless migrants who she thought would be beholden to her, has fallen flat on its face.  Merkel thought she was importing worker bees that would eventually be able to vote for her.  What she got was Africanzed killer bees who don't give a shit about her.  They take the generosity of the German people for granted and they represent a massively disrupting force to German life.  Merkel will not survive much longer because the conservative wave has the German people speaking up about these tactics and the damage she has done to their country.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  When Merkel goes down so will the debt Ponzi that she has been running along with the German elite on the backs of the German working class.  The people over there still don't get what I have known and written about for many years now which is that Merkel and her liberal cohorts in the German military industrial complex have been running a massive vendor finance scam which would make General Electric blush.  The high prices of German goods bought by foreigners will collapse without the support of this German supplied financing and many businesses that sprung up using debt to service this fake demand will collapse.  Unfortunately, the collapse, once begun, will be like controlled demolition; it will go down quickly. 

The herd can handle impending danger without panicking if they get advance notice and time to prepare.  Where things get troublesome with humans is when some threat is suddenly revealed to them on very short notice giving them no time to adjust or prepare.  The collapse of the global debt Ponzi will, once it has begun, happen with a speed that will disallow people to avoid it.  They will not have time to prepare and they will get screwed by it.  To say they will be angry about it is to understate; they will be boiling mad not just because of the lost jobs and lost value in financial portfolios but mainly because these people pride themselves on being smart.  Once they realize that they are in their current position because they foolishly fell for a con game, that is where the real anger and lost trust will explode.

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