Thursday, June 7, 2018

Another useless corrupt cop goes down in flames.

We are still early in the swing toward conservatism but the signs are piling up as evidence of my predictions continue to hit the news.  Today's story is that of a "rogue" police unit, not just one man mind you, but a unit, that was busted for all manner of corruption. The head of this former unit Wayne Jenkins, began crying the mea culpa at his jail sentencing hearing where he was thrown under the bus to the tune of 25 years in the slam.

You can read the sordid details for yourself but let me make a few observations here:
  • Instead of being steely eyed and stoic at his sentencing, Jenkins cried like a baby.  He was a real tough guy when he fucked with other people's lives under color of law as the head of the police state unit known as Gun Trace Task Force.  Doesn't that title sound like he is out there doing some good, taking guns out of the hands of bad men?  Well, to the idiots who believe this propaganda from the police state, WAKE UP!  Jenkins and his criminal band WERE the bad men.  I hope everyone who blindly trusts the cops will step back and consider, this was not just one man, it was a task force.  I wonder how many people's lives they ruined "just doing their job".
  • Jenkins is not sad that he did the crime.  He's sad and scared for his own life now that he's been caught.  His reaction makes it clear that he knows he has been abandoned (or worse) by those up the chain.  So he's essentially begging for some leniency and looking for a break from the people that he abused during his rein.  Fortunately, he will not find any.  His crybaby act only serves to prove how badly he deserves a 25 year sentence.  That double bump sound he just heard was his own corrupt ass going under the bus.
  • Jenkins is probably scared not only about what will happen to him in prison but about who might be behind it.  Sure, the general population might include some people that he railroaded along with a host of other inmates who hate the cops for their own reasons.  But that's not really what I am talking about.  Do you really think that an entire unit quietly went "rogue" within a big city police dept?  Really?  To believe this crap is to believe in the tooth fairy; it is a childish notion.  NO.  Jenkins was not a rogue until he got caught and thrown under the bus in an attempt to distance himself from his higher ups WHO FULLY SUPPORTED HIS CORRUPT ACTIVITIES.  They are labeling him a "rogue" after the fact in order to fool those who still think big government is honest and fair.  Jenkins and his merry band of armed, badged CRIMINALS were put together by higher ups and their mission was set by higher ups and I suspect that profits were shared by higher ups.  When caught, they probably told Jenkins and his men to take the fall and they and their families could continue breathing.  If this is the case then it will not surprise me to see these men killed off in prison because they represent loose ends and now Jenkins is showing signs of mental instability with his tearful confession.  At least that is how the higher ups will see it.  He is a danger to them all and they are right to fear him because his best bet at a reduced sentence and eventual freedom is to roll over on his bosses and break the news that his team was selected and ordered to do what they did, rogue bullshit be damned.

Right now the marginal players, those with the blood still on their hands, are falling like flies.  It will not be long before we see some big names get this same kind of treatment.  How do I know?  Simply because big government is a form of organized crime and this is how all organized crime cartels have fallen in the past - they get ratted out from within.

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