Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Conservatives in Seattle force repeal of corrupt "head tax"

The Seattle city council encouraged the growth of liberal homelessness and then when it got to be an epidemic they decided to go after those with the ability to pay, namely, Seattle corporations.  Big governments love to create problems so that they can appear to solve them by spending OPM (Other People's Money).  But it looks like government is not as all powerful as the socialists and wealth re-distributors (i.e. bullies operating under color of corrupt law) had hoped.  Amazon came out swinging and convinced the city to repeal that corrupt, liberal, socialist tax.

And so now the city has a big problem.  There is nobody left to fleece in order to maintain a population of street-shitting, needle using homeless people whose only value to the status quo was their ability to vote for benefits, small though they might be.  The council already decided it would be political suicide to go after homeowners for the money and so they went after the corporations.  Now that Amazon has told them to fuck off, there is no possible way that the city can turn around and actually stick it to the homeowners for the payment of this corrupt plan.  The people will declare, and rightfully so, that the council put corporate needs above the needs of the taxpayers.

The only thing left to do is to actually clean up the problem and get rid of the homeless.  It will no longer be profitable to perpetuate homelessness and lack of a job and so homelessness and lack of having a job will be reduced.  Not by giving them free condoms and needles and all the other "keep doing what you are doing " perpetuation strategies but rather by making it harder to be homeless and useless and dependent on government than it is to have a job and not owe government any fealty.

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