Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Demilitarization of the USA has begun.

Conservatives conserve.  They don't waste.  They don't break things only to get the contract to rebuild it (i.e. the elitist notion of "creative destuction"). Conservatives don't put on big shows.  They walk softly and carry a concealed weapon.  They don't brandish it but they don't hesitate to draw down on someone who has proven themselves to be a bona fide threat to their life or liberty.

The US military leadership is HIGHLY liberal and has been so for decades.  They are running an amoral empire, Bush 1's New World Order (i.e.elitist global police state).  If they can't find a war, they literally make one up.  For example, it is a widely understood fact that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag operation designed to drum up popular sentiment for the VietNam war.  Wiki states: "on August 4th, 1964, it was reported that North Vietnam attacked two US ships, USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy. The claim that the ships were attacked was later discovered to be false and in 2005 declassified documents revealed that both the CIA and NSA were involved in the manufacture of the incidents that led to US air strikes on August 7th, 1964."

With peak liberalism MUST come peak militarization because the two terms go hand in hand.  Please do not tell me about what some GOP fuck head did with respect to militarization over the past 50+ years.  This is not about dem vs GOP.  The true measure of one's liberalness is not in how they label themselves but rather in what they do.  We have not had conservative GOP for many decades.  They all leaned liberal because that was what it took to get ahead. People with real principles like Ron Paul got laughed at and ambitious people in both GOP and Dem parties took note.  All of it was supported by the rise of fake money. You think John McCain is conservative??  Puh-lease!  That dirt bag is liberal as the day is long.  He never met a war he didn't like.

Whatever you might think about Trump, he is clearly deviating from the norm and his recent meeting with N. Korean leaders sounds like it will have promising results.  The full measure of what Trump promised N. Korea is not yet known but Trump is clear that he received promise for denuking and demissling N. Korea.  However, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone, Trump also vowed to put an end to the massively spendy war games in the region of the Korean peninsula that have been a staple of US projection of power for a long, long time.  Past leaders have said it was critical to do this in the interest of our national security and that of our friends in the region.  I think with Trump's move that we will find that these ridiculous military expenditures were a total waste of money whose purpose was simply to be the bully of the world, pushing everyone around even if they were no real threat to the national security of the USA.

In response, global leaders are shocked.  But what is not being said in clear terms is exactly what they find to be so shocking. Is it the perceived loss of protection or is it the action reduction in military adventurism that has them "shocked".  They know that without all this spending that contracts to the USA are going to plummet.  THAT is what these fucking global liberal asshole leaders are really afraid of.  When Trump saves BILLIONS of dollars by simply the cessation of immoral crap, how much longer can all these other assholes keep up their version of the same game?

And look how Trump is doing it.  He is not asking permission.  He knows there are too many palms getting greased to get an honest answer. He is instead just looking at it and saying "it's a huge waste of money".  I believe that this is only one of a series of steps he will take to cut back on the military industrial complex's stranglehold of the US economy.  The military industrial complex is the only threat to national security that I have ever perceived.  Everything else is bullshit.  The US is impossible to invade and it is impossible to conquer given our nuclear arsenal.  It simply cannot be done.  So the rest of this police state bullshit is just a revenue generation SCAM by a bunch of people who conspired to rip us all off.

I often refer to Trump as an adolescent in a man's body.  As the blonde haired boy who always wears the red tie and who has the unique hair and the pretty wife beats swords into plowshares, just remember this picture.