Thursday, June 7, 2018

Liberals finally waking up to the uselessness of police

Gay liberal survivors of the Orlando nightclub shooting are now suing 31 Orlando cops individually for their uselessness in stopping one man from wiping out nearly 50 people and wounding many others.  This is a huge change from status quo in which the cops are never around when needed but still set up the "cops are heroes" narrative as soon as they possibly can.  Again, the details are not important to my larger world view but if you read the story, please consider that:
  • Liberals who used to love government have fallen out of love.  The fa├žade of being these grand public servants worthy of high pay and lifetime pensions is now being exposed: 70% of the cops are worthless, 20% are pure shit, and 10% of them are worth employing.  The worthless cops do not stand between citizens and harm's way.  They wait for the harm to finish and then they waltz in and abuse all the survivors treating them all like criminals so that they can feel like big policemen.  They do the paperwork and whatever else is easy and they do it using overtime with far too many cops involved.  During the incident, few if any cops can be found.  After the shooter is dead, the place is swarmed with badges on overtime.
  • I have stated many times that the end times for these cop games will be when the individual cops are taken to task individually.  Instead of letting them hide behind their union or behind some city government official, those going after these cops are doing so in exactly the right way.  There is no way all these cops will be found not guilty in these civil proceedings.  They might be able to fudge their guilt in a criminal hearing but in a civil hearing they are just as vulnerable as the rest of us.  It will be political suicide for their higher ups to try to shut these proceedings down and so they will let many cops roll under the bus.
  • The repeated message is going out to the herd that outsourcing of our personal security to others is not such a good idea after all.  From the article:, "While people, unarmed, innocent were inside a club getting absolutely massacred by a crazed gunman there were a bunch of people ... with guns, with the training and capability to take that shooter out,” Solomon Radner, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, told ABC News.
    “Instead of doing their job, they worried about themselves, they stayed outside, they worried only about their own safety, knowing that people were literally getting mowed down by the dozens just a few feet away.”.  Public statements like this are becoming oh too often now. First we had the coward of Broward and now this.  10 points will be awarded to whomever can coin a similarly disrespectful term for the cowards of the Orlando shooting.  But the point is that people who once thought the cops should have a monopoly on our personal security are getting the message that they were fools to ever believe so.  Yes, we conservatives have been saying it was foolish for a long time but now that liberals are finally figuring it out I think we will see gun rights benefit even more than they have in recent years.  Nobody should have to beg the police for the right to be able to protect themselves. Nobody should have to provide personal information or pay a fee.  Criminals don't have to so why should I?  In fact, I think it should be mandatory that everyone accept responsibility for their own personal security and in so doing we cut the police forces by 2/3 mainly to focus on detective work and jail keeping.  They are never around when you need them anyhow and they are more likely to shoot you or your dog if you call them.  So stop calling them and take responsibility for your own personal security.  If we did this, crime would absolutely collapse simply because there would no longer be any easy victims, only armed people who have had mandatory training.  I vote that gunsmanship be a required subject in the senior year of high school.  Nobody should be clueless about the safe operation of firearms and everyone should be proficient in their use.

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Augustine said...

There's another situation when bullies in a costume and with a badge cower: behind numbers, bearing armor and riding in personnel carriers in front of unarmed and peaceful civilians.

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