Thursday, June 21, 2018

Page view wave count update [PVIEW]

Back in 2015 I provided an Elliott wave model of my page view count.  Now, keep in mind that I don't accept ad money for posting in these pages and so the actual page count means nothing to me short of perhaps some minor ego stroking.  But I do care about the predictive power of the Elliott wave principle and am constantly looking for new ways to test it in a way that cannot be gamed.

So consider the model prediction on the left which, despite being at different levels of zoom, is correlated almost perfectly to the current actual chart on the right.  On the left we had 1 OR A with the expectation that  wave 2 or B would be a big pullback.  On the right, we now see that was a b wave but just look at how it played out. 

The B wave should be composed of a 5-3-5 move.  The move down to the first vee botttom on the left chart just following the 1/A peak was [A of (2 or B)].  Then there was the expectation of a corrective move to form [B of (2 or B)].  With the benefit of hindsight, that corrective move can be seen on the right to be a zig zag correction expanding wedge.  The we got a motive plunge down into red B thus setting the chart up for the 3 OR C move to a higher high.

As I was tracking this on my side, the red C  peak began to go parabolic.  I assume my anti corruption, anti liberal, anti elite message began to resonate (as evidenced by peak readership of 40k hits per month) strongly enough that it hit someone's RADAR and they somehow curtailed the distribution of my posts.  I guess I am supposed to be disheartened by this and give up but of course my motivation here is not profit and it never was.  Without this beholden interest in their Mammon Money, I cannot be controlled.  Sure, they can shut down my blog and make up some kinds of TOS violation, etc. but people like me will only see that as a challenge and I think they know it.  So they have to play their games but they will find that it's not working this time.  Not just on my but on many thousands of people with the same convictions.  Liberal tricks do not work on conservatives.

But all that aside, I don't see how anyone can not be impressed with the potential power of Elliott wave analysis to predict future trends.  There it is folks, I did not make this up.  This is just experimental data that I'm sharing with you.  I ran an experiment, this is the resulting data.  No more, no less.  Was it just luck that a prediction made back in 2015 has been followed so perfectly?  Well, go ahead and tell yourself that if it makes you feel better but then you better do a liberal check on yourself because conservatives do not ignore facts and data while preferring their own ill informed gut feel.  It is not my opinion that my EW model was correct; the model was obviously and somehow inexplicably correct, period.

So where to from here?  I think this is likely part of a larger structure such as a rising wedge that will eventually lead to much higher highs as more and more people seek out conservative straight talk.  Many will not even know why they like the sound of this conservative message, they will only know that it resonates.  In truth, they will be trying to re-synch with the new direction of the herd so that they don't feel so isolated and alone.  The worst position that a member of a herding species can find himself in is out of synch with the herd.

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