Friday, June 29, 2018

Crybaby Seattle cops: "I'm not feeling appreciated"

Just as I suspected would eventually be the case, the criminal infighting would drive wedges between elite and their enforcers.  Essentially, the elite would buckle to the pressure of cops behaving badly and instead of acting as their shield, the elite would quickly sidestep the slings and arrows heading toward them by throwing their own little private army under the bus.

In today's installment of what is unfolding, the corrupt Seattle cops are feeling unloved by their liberal masters.  No longer can they just do whatever they want and get away with it like they used to.  Now the worm has turned; any glimmer of misbehavior is quickly stomped on.  The cry babies are used to getting premium treatment and now they are feeling the pinch.

Well get used to it, buckos, because we ain't seen bad yet but it is most definitely coming.  The drums of recession and then depression are being heard in the distance and they are heading this way.  And when they arrive, the city is going to try to pay for it out of your undeserved pensions.  Yep, you heard me.  You idiots listened to your con man masters and you believed their bullshit so I have zero sympathy for you.  I don't get any lifetime pension so why in the fuck should you?

The answer is, you shouldn't.  Thus, soon enough, that wrong will be righted and there is not a damned thing you or your thuggish police union can do about it.  You can play the old blue flu game but be careful about that because we the people don't need you as much as you think we do and if times get tough then instead of throwing more money out of our pockets at your useless services, we just need to relax the gun laws to the point that any honest person can carry a gun without a permit at any time.  At that point, law enforcement will be available when and where its needed, and not in the holster of some coward cop hiding behind his car when the active shooter is killing people.

There are just too many cops being paid too damned much money for too damned many years.  Time to drain the cop swamp and I will be laughing the whole time.

To the 10-20% of cops that are honest and who know who their boss is (i.e. the people), this is not directed at you.  I know you exist but I still blame you for being pussies and not policing your own.  You know who those are on the force doing wrong things yet you allow it.  "I just want to mind my own business" is not an acceptable excuse.  You need to be a cop all the time no matter who is doing the crime.  And you know damned well that you are guilty of what I am saying.  So don't be mad at me, be mad at yourselves for not stepping up your game and taking back your good reputation from those in the force who are pissing all over it.

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