Thursday, June 7, 2018

Alasdair Macleod and the gently-rotting, debt-ridden European Union

Macleod has been predicting the demise of the EU for some time now.  While it has not yet happened, he will eventually turn out to be right and it will be for many of the reasons he states in his latest article on  He sounds in this article much like Nigel Farage at first as he talks about the inevitable collapse of any system which uses unelected leaders (AKA kings/royalty/dictator system).  Of course history disagrees with him.  There has always been an Egyptian god-man, a Chinese/Japanese emperor, a European king and a South American dictator.  These things are not new and they are in place for the same reason that herding beasts like wild horses have the same top down, hierarchical caste system: we are a herding species too.

What keeps a herding species in line is having a strong man at the top who bashes down all opposition.  Such strong men change frequently because the king of the hill can only be king of the hill until someone stronger or smarter shows up.  The king is vulnerable because his tactics are on public display for the competition to analyze and devise strategies to overcome.

Additionally, the strong man must be able to put down resistance easily.  If that fails then all bets are off.   I personally find it abhorrent that someone else claims the right to be the boss of me from the day I was born.  They tax my labor and they tell me what I can and cannot do even if my actions are not hurting anyone else.  If I resist without enough force then they jail or kill me, it matters not to them.  Simply standing up to their claimed authority is an offense in their minds.  Such is the cost of being born into a herding species.

While Macleod (and many others) delve into the details of why the EU will eventually collapse, they all too often fail to point out that the root cause of eventual failure which is that their control was bought using debt.  Nobody will follow these people unless they are getting something for their trouble and these people have nothing to offer except promises.  Those promises come in the form of fake paper money which they spread around in order to buy favors, influence and temporary loyalty from those around them.  All fake paper money consists of debt notes or more simply, debt.  And nobody can rack up debt forever; at some point it has to be paid off or defaulted on.  In either case, without the ability to take on more debt the future of these self proclaimed kings is limited.  In other words, it's a debt Ponzi and no Ponzi ever ran forever.

With this simple understanding of the truth you can just stop reading all the details because it is essentially useless detail that leaves you no more informed than before you clicked the link.  Smart people will simply understand the overarching structure of the debt Ponzi and work during their lives to insulate themselves from its eventual collapse.  You cannot go day to day worrying about these things and remain sane.  But only a fool moves forward without at least understanding the overarching concept and creating a simple plan that is executed month in month out as part of normal living that will insulate from the eventual collapse.

In other words, ignore the news, enjoy your life, and store your retirement wealth outside of the global debt Ponzi (AKA GDP) in gold and silver bullion coins.  It just doesn't get any simpler or more obvious than that.

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