Thursday, June 21, 2018

A conservative herd pushes back against the military industrial complex.

One of the most telling yet under reported aspects of the growing collapse of the military industrial complex is that of employees of important companies actually banding together, self organizing against what they perceive to be immoral actions of their employers.  We are reaching the time when people will no longer be bought off so easily, shutting up to keep their jobs, valuing mammon money over their own moral principles.  Does this theme sound familiar?  Long time readers know that I have been saying this was going to happen for many years now.  The power of the fake money to control people will be lost and all the corruption that has been supported by the power of corrupt money will suffer for it.  Liberals will lose power as conservatives, TRUE conservatives (NOT necessarily a political party like GOP!) will step up across the board to tear down the rabid liberal agenda which began with the creation of the federal reserve and which has been controlling the world for the past 50-60 years.

The recent cases I refer to are Google employees calling on their company to stop participating in weapons development with big government even though these programs provide safe, high margin revenue that feeds their families and pads their retirement accounts.  More recently Microsoft employees self organized to tell their management not to support government immigration operations.  Not only is the act of telling your company what work it should and should not do fairly unprecedented in history, but this is being done at companies where dissenting employees have a lot to lose if the company disagrees.

This represents a significant acceleration of the ascendancy out of the liberal muck where fake caring about people by government was accompanied by harsh treatment; the actions in no way aligned with the talk.  That is liberalism 101.  Tell the people one thing and then do the exact opposite.  Tell them about the affordable care act only to have insurance premiums sky rocket.   Develop a language of purposeful obfuscation (Alan Greenspan when talking about Greenspeak or "fedspeak").  Talk about nation building and caring for people and then drop a bomb on 10's people-innocent men women and children- at a wedding in order to kill one person our corrupt government does not like.  The list goes on and on.

Going forward I expect Trump to talk about strong military while cutting their military adventurism budget.  Like it or not, the country can no longer afford to throw money at military empire building crap.  What can no longer be done will no longer be done.  The people are waking up to the corruption and they are demanding change.  The sleepy population is looking less and less sleepy every day.

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