Saturday, June 16, 2018

Liberal feifdomism is under attack

During the liberal years, collectivist control was a growing theme.  In other words, herd managers sprung up out of the wood work in order to tell us how to live our lives. Some of these were voluntary but most were not.  Neighborhoods were controlled by HOAs which would complain about every little "violation" or "offense".  Some of it is good because, really, how can you have a nice neighborhood if there are cars up on jacks parked on the curb, etc.?  But some of it is just arbitrary liberal control freakism and that applies especially well to temporary, seasonal displays. 

While I'm writing this post because of a recent news event, the details of it really don't matter to me. What matters is that the liberal control freaks tried to ram their will down everyone's throat but instead of sitting back and letting them dictate everything, the people stood up and pushed back on the makers of these arbitrary, nanny state rules.  I think a trend will start soon where HOAs and other such heavy handed control mechanisms will be reduced greatly in power.  I mean, the HOA in my neighborhood did not want me to install roof top solar because they wanted houses to have their idea of a cookie cutter look.  But I crammed it down their throats only with the support of Texas state law that prohibits HOAs from prohibiting roof top solar.  Yes, the nanny state control freaks in the private sector were so out of hand that laws had to be created to limit their power.

Be on the look out for more and more attacks on these kinds of liberal fiefdoms and always remember the principle which I have repeated in these pages MANY times is that none of these assholes have any more power than that which is afforded to them by the willing public.  If the people self organize and rise up against any control organization, that organization will either bend to the will of the people or it will be taken down forcibly.

Another example is the recent SCOTUS smack down of the Colorado political correctness feifdom which somehow imbued upon themselves the power to deliver hefty (as in life changing, business closing) fines to people who would not lick the boots of their liberal agenda.  And of course if you just ignore them and try to live your life, the situation will eventually devolve to the point where men with guns, paid bullies with badges, come to your door and demand that you accompany them to their jail.  IF you refuse then you die.  Yes, during the liberal rein you could literally be shot dead if you did not play their game their way.  It boggles the mind to think such an outcome could even be remotely possible for telling a couple of gay people to go find another Huckleberry to bake their cake.  There is no real freedom in a land where, under the color of political correctness or any other doctrine, one man, woman or group can tell another how to behave under threat of jail or death if they do not comply.  As long as the actions people take do not harm others or damage their property, people should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit and to pursue their view of happiness. 

INACTIONs are not the same as actions.  When walking by another person on the street, must I say hello?  The liberal actions police might say that if I don't then other other person might feel like you hate them and of course that would be a hate crime.  And we all know how stiff the penalties are for hate crimes.  Of course, this is ridiculous.  Inaction is not a crime.  Fuck anyone that thinks I owe them anything. I will be the judge of who I own and what I own them.   Now if I walk down the street hurlign insults and threats at everyone I pass then of course this is different.  I am going out of my way to offend and to intimidate.  That is clearly disturbing the peace.

Liberals certainly see the difference between these two scenarios.  They act like they are the same thing simply because if they can CONvince others to see it that way as well then it increases the power of the liberal rulemaker.  I'm going to continue enjoying watching all of this corrupt bullshit collapse.  I'm fucking done with the liberal rule and their rules.

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