Sunday, April 29, 2018

You would have thought they would learn by now...

I've posted several times over the past year how liberal comedians who can't get off the hate Trump train are losing fans and in some cases their careers (like Griffith).  It's not because Trump is sending goons to shut them up though; its because a growing number in the middle left simply don't think it is funny, appropriate or even healthy.  They are in fact becoming more conservative in their thinking now that peak liberalism is behind us.

No place has this been more apparent than Michelle Wolf's recent spew of Trump-hate at the national correspondent's annual dinner.  This liberal gathering should be the place where all things liberal are allowed, encouraged and applauded.  Wolf's first few political attacks (AKA "jokes") received some laughter and applause but with each passing joke the approval declined at an exponential rate.  The faces of the audience were clearly wishing she would move on to new material because they were just tired of the constant liberal "comedy" (AKA anti-conservative political propaganda hammering) by the liberal left.

Sensing the growing hostility toward her, Wolf then jumped the shark by insulting and accusing her her audience, "Mr. Trump, she said, “has helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you are profiting from him.”"  These wild accusations are standard fare for the liberal.  They are a sort of intellectual temper tantrum.  The liberal who does not get his/her way projects negativism onto those who will not herd in the intended direction, think like the talker things, and do the bidding of the manipulator. This attempt at intimidation is certainly not going to work on others who know that game as well as those attending this dinner know it.  The tactics that work on the rabble will not work on the elite and it is a show of desperation to even try.

Trump is in the process of achieving a major goal - denuclearization of the Korean peninsula - yet the likes of Wolf think they are going to have him removed over "pussy grabbing" remarks.  Like the title of this post says, you would have thought that they would have learned by now.

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