Thursday, April 12, 2018

PA school district insults its teachers

In response to the Parkland Fl shooting, a Pennsylvania school district massively insulted its teaching staff by distributing wooden baseball bats as a weapons, symbolic or otherwise, against active school shooter situation.  That is just pathetic and those teachers should throw those bats at whoever thought this was a good idea. Locking  your classroom door and turning out the lights does not work (maybe they should also put a hotel "do not disturb" sign on the door handle as well?) and neither does showing up at a gun fight with a baseball bat.

The administration said, "Obviously, after Parkland, we went back and looked at our active shooter and hard lockdown response and realized that it had to change,” Hall said. “We had basically adopted the ‘just lock the doors and turn the lights out and hide’ approach in terms of the response. … [The modified plan] includes not just hiding but also running and, as a last resort, having to fight as necessary.”.

Obviously the administration should be immediately sacked and blacklisted from working in any management capacity ever again.  They recognize that hiding is a shit strategy and so they just tell a bunch of women teachers to "fight as necessary"???  That is maddening!  Maybe the school doesn't want to buy everyone a gun but for crap's sake this baseball bat thing was an embarrassment.  The school should tell teachers that those who say they want to carry guns and who will go through extra training will get the training paid for along with monthly proficiency visits to the gun range.

I guess the administration has its children at other schools or they would not be so flip about this serious matter.  Someone should really receive an ass kicking for this outrage.

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