Monday, April 23, 2018

The global debt Ponzi / trust Ponzi is swirling the bowl.

Years ago I explained that the global debt Ponzi was really a trust Ponzi and that we would know that the end times for this massive liberal theft fest was near when we would see several major signs as the herd began to swing back towards conservatism.  One of these signs was that people in the know would begin telling the truth even though it could cost them money or even their lives.  Investigative reporting would make a huge comeback, I predicted.  And as people with bully pulpits in the media began telling the truth, it would accelerate the loss of trust in our crooked leaders and everything that they represent including big government, big military, big brother, big elite, fake money, fake truths, etc.  Massive corruption like that which underpinned 911 would be exposed as the liberal house of cards came crashing down.
As soon as news of the recent supposed chemical attack in Syria began to filter out, the "conspiracy theorists" jumped on it as a false flag.  After all, it just made no sense for Assad to shoot himself in the foot like that and so in our world so full of fake news perhaps we shouldn't believe everything the government tells us.

 But now a well known reporter for Germany's state media is saying that the event could have been staged.  The consumer of this news can only conclude that its becoming a fool's errand to trust governments of the world.  Once people internalize this truth the trust Ponzi will gap down and wave 3 of 3 down will be upon us.  All manner of government lies will be laid bare and made clear from the lies about public pensions and social security being there for you when you need it to the fact that 401ks are really government owned funds just as soon as the government says they are.

Trouble is coming.  Liberals who believed in all powerful government as if it were a religion will find out the hard way that their god is false and is in fact nothing more than the modern day wizard of ozT.  When the shit hits the fan your most critical risk will be the disenfranchised liberals who put their faith in the failed system.  I've already given up on the system.  Social security is not an entitlement program, it's just a tax.  I'll never get the promised benefit but I saw this coming a long time ago and made sure that it was not critical to my retirement plans.  It's like this blog; I never accepted ad money and so I am not beholden to their system of control. It's time for everyone to get their minds right about all of this.  Head in the sand is not a winning strategy.

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