Monday, April 23, 2018

I think that Travis county will cave on its gun show contracts mandates soon

Back in early 2014 the liberal Austin TX gun grabbers were trying to shut down gun shows at the Travis county convention center.  As part of the process there was an open call for public comment and feedback on the intended measure.  I emailed them the letter below (black text) just so I could say I did.  I was pretty sure these useless bureaucrats had already decided to play hard ball with the Saxet gun show organizers. 

A month later, the bureaucrats delivered a gun control ridden contract to Saxet owners who simply told liberal Austin morons to screw off.  No deal.  Travis county thought that they were going to punish Saxet with new controls and rules at threat of economic loss but all Saxet did was increase the number of gun shows held in other more conservative locations in Texas.  To this day, the Saxet web site contains a short explanation of why people who live in Travis county have to travel hours to go to their beloved gun show instead of driving to the near by expo center which used to hold these events.  I have to ask, who is the loser here?  Is it Saxet?  Or is Travis county turning away a lot of sales tax revenue in support of a failed cause and sending it to other less liberally inclined counties? 

I assert that those who play these games with the free market are essentially implementing self sanctions and boycotts.  I mean, what if Saxet had initiated the shutdown of Travis county gun shows because the management could not stand to deal with such liberal self centered politically correct politicians as work in Austin and Travis county?  What if Saxet simply boycotted the county with the goal of impacting their revenue in the sure and certain knowledge that Saxet revenue would be made up in other counties??  That would be a clear sanction by Saxet on Travis.  While the decision not to have the show in Travis is not the decision of Saxet, the work of Travis county libtards has resulted in exactly the same loss of revenue and of its people being upset by the lack of local goods to buy as if Saxet had sanctioned/boycotted the county.

As the global debt Ponzi peaks and begins to collapse, funds from all sources for the parasitic county tax beggars will dry up.  When that happens, Travis country will approach Saxet again hat in hand and they will have to swallow their gay pride and ask nicely if Saxet can't again please make a small opening in their very busy schedule to have the show in Travis county again, pretty please. 

I am looking for this as another sign that the collapse of the global debt Ponzi is moving forward.  The Saxet gun show create value.  Parasitic Travis county bureaucrats create nothing.  Thus their very economic survival requires them to leach off of the value created by others.  When times get hard the pool of victims with blood left to suck shrinks dramatically.  That's when Travis county parasites will change their mind on this issue.  Not because of convictions about what is right and wrong mind you but only based on the fact that the parasites will die badly if there are not enough productive hosts to leach off of.

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2014 4:32 AM
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: In opposition of restrictions on gun transfers at gun shows.

Dear Commissioners,

I’m writing to express opposition to any measures that you might be considering regarding gun shows at the Travis County Expo center.  That includes interference with those who are organizing, vending or attending the shows.  I know that there are forces at play in this country that are trying to control the people.  They think that controlling guns and criminalizing everything is the answer to obtaining and retaining control.  But think about it folks, that game only works for a time and those times are ending.  Liberalism and socialism have peaked in America and their decline will put all of their pet programs in the shredder with them.  The evidence of my statement is staring you straight in the eye with things like the Duck Dynasty win over A+E.  Conservatives are now speaking up and conservatives are the producers.   

Why does this matter?  Well, it matters to you personally.  While the credit Ponzi was on the rise, liberals drove the agenda.  Now that the global credit Ponzi has peaked, liberalism is peaking in locked step with it and the pendulum is going to swing back over to conservatives.  This is coming and anyone with an ounce of political savvy can see it.  The fact that Obamacare is crashing and burning is another proof point.  The fact that cities are being allowed to go bankrupt and to include unionized city employee pensions in the associated defaults is another major proof point.  The pendulum is swinging.   

I do not wish to be disrespectful as I don’t even know you and certainly hold no ill will toward any of you.  However, you have no time for me to beat around the bush here since you read so much correspondence and your time is limited.  So forgive me for being blunt but you do not have a corner on bureaucratic positions.  Do you really want to be in the way of the pendulum now that it is swinging back towards conservatism?  What do you think is going to happen to the liberal politicians in 2014?  They are going to get creamed.  Even middle of the road liberals are now beginning to decry major aspects of liberalism.   

Since politicians and bureaucrats always look out for their own well-being first (human nature, not a particular shortcoming of present company), I just thought it prudent to mention the things first that would impact you the most.  Why?  Because you will probably not be swayed with the common arguments about 2nd amendment rights (bureaucrats, in aggregate, do not care about the people’s rights or freedoms).  You probably don’t value statements about gun registrations being the doorway to eventual confiscation.  Those kinds of statements are still attributed to conspiracy nuts even after our liberal government got caught red handed using the IRS to target conservative political organizations.  You probably think everyone needs more controls, not more freedoms and privacy.  And you probably don’t even care about the $100k worth of revenue that the Saxet gun shows bring you annually because, let’s face it, you just tax people’s property to get the money you need for your operations.   

But you do care about your jobs.  You care very much about them.  Attacking the daily lives, freedoms and activities of honest Texas gun owners is just a bad percentage play these days folks and 2014 is already here.  So make no mistake about it: adding regulations, restrictions, taxation or any other new government interference to the gun shows or anything to do with guns at all anywhere in Travis county is going to be viewed as an attack on conservatives and on conservative values.  The people no longer believe the story that things are being done “for our own good”.  We are wide awake and we are watching.  See you at the polls. 

Wishing you all health and prosperity in 2014,


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