Thursday, April 5, 2018

We are at or close to the peak in liberal social media.

Conservatives do not have a constant need for attention and adoration by others.  We simply don't care that much about what others think of us.  We are not nearly so swayed by the opinions of others as liberals are and we do not worship man made icons and American Idols.  Appreciate their talent?  Of course.  Conservatives quickly give credit where credit is due.  For example, I recognize the fact that Trump is not doing everything wrong even though I have repeatedly characterized him as an adolescent child in a man's body.

As the herd moves conservative, expect liberal establishments to fall.  Not necessarily die off completely, but simply to lose in a dramatic way their currently enjoyed leadership positions in society.  Social media is the poster child of liberalism.  People act out their fantasies there and then try to portray to everyone that their life is either extra good (showing themselves at vacation destinations, taking pictures of their stupid food, etc.) or that they are somehow deserving of everyone else's pity and support.  Conservatives always say that good fences (and digital fences too for that matter) make good neighbors.  In other words, we understand the value of privacy.  We know that if you share too much with too many it will eventually come back around to haunt you.

With the recent admission by Facebook that its data mining capabilities allow social engineers to easily herd the masses where it wants them to go, people are waking up to what we conservatives have known all along.  Since liberals follow Hollywood stars like they were genius oracles, you have to pay attention to what the stars are saying if you want to understand the mind of the herd.  And Hollywood is beginning to say no to social media of all kinds.  It is pointing out the dangers of it and it is naming Hollywood names of those who are against it.  Social media account deletion is very likely to be the next "#metoo".

If you want to be the next billionaire, go figure out what conservative social media should look like.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing you know.  There is a happy middle ground where people can check up on family and friends without getting sucked into the big gaping emotional wound that is our current social media institutions.  Conservative communications media (have to delete the term "social" don't you know...) would be a new destination for the masses who will soon be leaving the liberal social media providers.  As such you would have to pay some nominal fee like $2 per month in order to avoid all adds, all data mining, etc.  In other words, since you are using PayGo on the system, those implementing it will get paid without having to resort to nefarious schemes like selling your data.  This is how conservatives work instead of offering something for nothing that is never, in the end, free (or even cheap).

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