Friday, April 13, 2018

A conservative herd is harder to buy off with fake, unearned "money"

As one of the signs of the coming end of the global debt Ponzi I have always said that we would see that people are less enamored with chasing the fake green paper.  They will begin to choose moral values over bribes.  And so it is happening, just like I said it would.  Today's evidence point come in the form of this story in which some useless billionaire tried to buy his name onto the high school of his youth.

This guy was ready to spend $25 million on new school facilities if only the herd would put up with his massive vanity.  But when the herd heard about it, they said no.  They pushed back and they made the school officials push back. Allowing the slave master to post his name all over the place was no longer such a great deal as it had seemed to be in the past.

And so it will go. People will be less and less enchanted by the fake money.  And as the mammon money loses its pull on the population we should expect to see moral values begin to mean something again.  You know, just like conservatives would think and behave.

It's coming.

It's obvious now.

It will not be a straight walk because the Elliott Wave principle teaches us that no progress occurs in a straight line. It's 3 steps forward and 2 steps back for every 5 steps taken, literally.

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