Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Was Paul Ryan just forced out by Trump???????

The liberal NY Times is reporting that Paul Ryan just "retired" at 48 years old and that his leaving is going to open the GOP up to a big loss at the next elections.  Of course, with every story comes the potential for a spin and I see the NY Times' version of the story as being the least likely relative to the actual truth.

Let me ask you a few questions:
- was Ryan in trouble for something?  Was he being investigated?  Not that we know of.
- was Ryan old or sick?  Doesn't appear so.
- was Ryan hated by his party?  Not really, no.  He should be hated for his liberal leanings but he was well regard by many anyhow.

These are the usual reasons that successful politico leaves office.  But few ever leave like this.  Most of them stay in power until they are old like Harry Reid, Gun Grabber Diane Feinstein and John McCain.

So do we really believe that Ryan is not just leaving but "retiring" (meaning he promised to leave and not return-word choice matters) under his own power?  Really??  Gullible much???  No way did ambitious Ryan leave of his own volition.  Someone got the dirt on him and Trump made a "Deal" with him.

This is not bad for GOPs and it is not bad for Trump.   Ryan was an obstructionist to Trumps plans. So this is not going to hurt the GOP as NYT  would have you believe.  The swamp just drained of another parasite, that's all.

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