Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bill Cosby, serial sex offender, is officially convicted.

As I clearly predicted in this Nov 2017 post, Bill Cosby has been convicted of multiple counts of felonious sex offenses.  Hey hey hey, Fat Albert is officially fucked.   Cosby will of course appeal his conviction but he will lose that as well.  Because of his age and his money, they will put him in a retirement home prison.  So he will unlikely be doing hard time but his freedom is now over.  It would not surprise me to find that he kills himself before reporting to jail.

Of course I really don't care about Bill Cosby one way or another.  My main interest in this case was that it would serve as yet another evidence point for my clearly stated in advance model that peak liberalism has come and gone for the USA and for the world.  The new conservative wave has certainly overtaken the herd and it will be strengthened by the collapse of elitists like Cosby.

It used to be that dirty elite were a fearless bunch.  They had all the money and all the power.  The people cowered over how the Illuminati were going to enslave us all, blah blah blah.

But this was always a fantasy both in the minds of the elite and of the serfs who cowered before them.   This concept, that the herd is what counts and that the herd always has the power of self determination IF IT WILL ONLY ASSERT IT, is what prompted me to discuss the battle of Kruger (BOK) video so many times in these pages.  BOK is the perfect analogy to what happens with people because people are a herding species just like the water buffalo in the video. 

For those who have not seen the vid, the summary is simple: Lions, the so called king of the African plains, grab a buffalo calf and prepare to make a meal of it.  These highly praised cats supposedly sit above all others on the plain.  These elite animals take what they want when they want and nobody can oppose them, blah blah blah.  It makes for a great story line until those who are being taken from figure out that the cats are only as powerful as you let them be.  The herd of buffalo is much, much stronger if only it will self-organize like the parasitic pack hunter cats routinely do.  The BOK vid showed that every now and again the herd decides that enough is too much. It bands together and then goes on to kick the living shit out of the elite cats and they rescue their own.

The elite get all of their power from their control of the money supply.  Having free money that you didn't work for is no different than having an army of free slaves to do your bidding.  Zero difference.  Why?    Because money, even fake money, is fungible with labor.  So when you are the guy turning the handle on the printing press or if you have the ability to conjure more debt money out of thin air then you are very powerful indeed.  But in order for this con game to work you have to fool the herd into believing that the fake money is real.  In the hypnotized Derren Brown state the herd is susceptible to all kinds of manipulation.  But every now and again the conservative wind shakes the herd awake and suddenly everyone realizes that the elite kings are without clothing.

That is what is happening right now.  The global debt Ponzi has peaked and now all the central banks of the world are struggling to keep up appearances.  Sooner or later the collapse of the global debt Ponzi will be unavoidably obvious to everyone.  I only offer these beat down of elitists like Harvey W. and Bill C as early signs of what is coming.  I predicted that the high and mighty would begin to tumble all around us and that many would land in jail or be wiped out financially.

As I have written many times, we ain't seen bad yet, but its damned sure coming.  The signs are all around for anyone with eyes to see them. 


Drew said...

The guy got railroaded in court, by the government and by a bunch of whores. Not sure how conservative that really is.

The Captain said...

I agree that he had no chance. I predicted he had no chance. I said his lawyers should wait until the 3rd wave of conservative reversal was over for the trial. Nothing goes in a straight line and there would always be a 4th wave retracement in the current trend. That would have been his best chance of another mistrial which was his absolute best case scenario.

But step back and look at the bigger picture of what conservatism is. It is personal accountability for your actions. You said railroaded but another way of viewing it is that there was no tolerance for liberal tricks and mealy mouthed words to allow an obvious serial sexual offender to get off simply because he is rich and connected. None of the usual lawyer bullshit worked. He was guilty and so they convicted him without much deviation.

3 years ago it would have been a completely different story and it would have been so for exactly the reasons I have stated. Like I have said, I don't care if serial rapist Cosby goes to jail or not. I only look at it as a data point in my socio economic Elliott wave model. It keeps me from becoming emotionally involved and thus provides a clearer vision of realty and a better chance of predicting the future.

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