Monday, April 30, 2018

S. Korea: Trump should get Nobel peace prize

Many are trying to avoid giving Trump his due credit for what is happening with N. Korea right now.  Again for the record, I think Trump is a dufas.  He's a spoiled adolescent boy who never matured emotionally.  But that does not mean he's stupid.  Just being kind of an arrogant dick does not make a person stupid.

The Trump credit deniers are giving credit to anyone in the region except Trump: China is doing it according to some and to others it was all S. Korea.  Both of these notions are silly IMO because China and S. Korea sat there like Obama did as bad boy Kim accelerated his dangerous behavior.  The reversal happened only after Trump showed up.  Again, let's not let our opinion of Trump blind us to the facts in the matter.  This has been my position all along.

And now the leader of S. Korea agrees with me.  Instead of accepting all this undeserved credit for himself, he's pointing to Trump and suggesting that Trump should get a Nobel peace prize for his results.  Obama got a Nobel peace prize for posing and posturing and saying flowery things and being very good at useless political correctness.  But Trump got the results.  If Trump is going to take the blame for every shitty thing that happens on his watch, fair people will give him credit for the good stuff and in light of these words by S. Korea, Trump obviously played a bigger part in the win than many give him credit for.

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Augustine said...

Just bear in mind that S. Korea is an occupied country by the American empire. As good Asians, they know that they must provide America with a way to save face. After all, thousands of military careers will be derailed when their "welcome" is withdrawn. Meanwhile, "bad boy Kim" still has his nukes and missiles. Quite the opposite of what Trump's huffing and puffing wanted. Both China and Russia will be relieved that they won't have the American imperial forces next door too. The only losing side in a peaceful peninsula in the American hegemon. And, in DC, which owns Trump, this does not make America great again.

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