Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Foolish children learn hard lesson.

In response to a school shooting, Parkland, FL. kids banded together and boldly flexed their political might by asking the government to "do something" to "make sure" that school shootings stop.  What they had in mind, of course, was for government to make up new rules that apply to other people.  Did it matter to the students that their solution of more gun control would never work?  No.  Did it matter that they are not mature or experienced enough to understand the consequences of trying to disarm the population?  Ummmm nope.  They had their 15 minutes of fame and darn it they were going to make changes around here.

Or so they thought.  Too bad they did not understand that asking the government for help is like asking to be punched in the face by a bully.  In the case of these ignorant kids, many of whom were whipped into a frenzy but the gun grabbers at the likes of CNN, the government solution to stopping more school shootings by other kids was to force everyone to use clear plastic see through backpacks.  Yes, that's right, the government solution was to punish and humiliate those who asked for help.  See a pattern here?  It's for exactly the same reason that I would never call the cops for any reason.  They are just as likely to shoot me or my dog as anything else.

The smart ones will learn a big life lesson here.  They will understand that government will "do something" if the people demand that it be done but you better be careful asking the Devil for a match to light your cigarette with because he is just as likely to pop a roadside flare in your face and burn your eye out as he is to give you the small bit of fire that you were actually asking for.

Government cannot fix terrorism because government is mainly responsible for it.  If you want to know the root cause of why everyone seems to hate everyone these days I can tell you without doubt and after thousands of hours of study, observation and analyses that the root cause of all these things is that we have been tricked into accepting fake money for our labor.  Those in high places thus do not have to work in order to receive many times what we receive.  Why?  Because it's fake money that only the lower caste in society have to work for.  The elite stand close to the printing presses and it literally rains down on them like manna.

Fiat currency is fake money and it leads to all sorts of social imbalances and ills.  These imbalances occur at an exponential rate.  In other words, things seem normal for a long time but then before you know it the curve is heading straight up until the system collapses from exhaustion.

I know it sounds crazy to hear these things but that is only because most people don't know very much about money even though they think they use it every day (what they use is currency, not money).  For the longest time I used to think people knew more than they were letting on about this and other things.  But in the past decade I began making retirement plans for the Bahamas and as a result I began talking to more people about them.  You would be flabbergasted at how ignorant people are about these islands that are only 50 miles off the coast of Palm Beach.  Many thought they were part of the USA!  Others thought they were on the other side of the world and they were blown away to learn that I have personally jet skied over there and back three times.

And then it really hit home to me that no, people didn't know very much at all outside of what they do each day.  Instead of using the Internet to learn things, they waste their time on Facebook, taking selfies, posting pictures of their fucking food food as if anyone gives a shit and playing online games and other useless crap.  They really did not know that our fake money is unbacked by gold or anything else.  They had no idea that we'd already defaulted on our Bretton Woods gold convertibility contract which was the largest financial default in the history of man at the time.

People are not stupid but they have been brought up to be ignorant by our government run schools.  The price that many are going to have to pay for being gullible and not seeing through the con has yet to be paid but the bill is coming due soon enough.

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