Thursday, March 1, 2018

Does it still sound so crazy?

Multiple times in the past year I have mentioned to family and friends that something strange is going on with online retailers.  Many online sites had items for sale at 10, 20, 100x the normal price.  These are full websites, with product lists like any other legit site.  The check outs seemed to work, adding shipping and tax and accepting credit cards.  The only difference was the presence of the $1,000-$2,000 price on the $5-$20 hammer, etc. 

The list above was simply found using a search in Google Shopping for the term hammer and then sorting price high to low.  These things are the electronic equivalent of loud liberal laughter in the face of sleepy conservative law enforcement.  Or maybe sleepy is being too kind.  I'll let the reader judge the motivations of allowing this kind of thing to go unchecked.  Or maybe you think I'm the first guy that ever noticed all this?   Well, after I post this I expect these sites to begin disappearing because I am also filing a form 3949-A to the IRS indicating that the information I am providing herein is prima facie evidence of money laundering.  Some of these sites are probably linked to government corruption so they will get the word pretty quickly to go dark.  The last ones to go down will actually be the private sector criminals who do not read my blog and thus who will probably get raided.
As recently as June 2017 I repeated my observation and documented it in these pages but this time I also noted that the crazy prices had begun to show up on Amazon as well.  Think about it.  If you are laundering money, it is safer but more trouble to build your own entire legit looking web site than to set up shop on Amazon.  The problem with using Amazon is that searches would hit your product with the fake price.  This is not what you want as the money launderer.  You want the paper trail of fake legitimacy in place without people seeing it.  You want to hide in plain sight.  Your money-laundering buddies will be told what products to go "buy".  And actual product will be shipped. The whole thing will appear legit, including shipment tracking number.

But after getting away with it for a while it is just human nature to believe that you are invisible.  And if that is the case then why spend the extra time and money on the fake retail site?  Why not just use the existing large scale e-commerce infrastructure?  Well, this is what often leads crooks to getting caught. They get lazy and they drop their guard.  They even forget that what they are doing is going to be viewed as illegal by anyone who is actually doing their job.

But sooner or later you are going to get someone like me who does not just look at things that happen and shrug them off.  Sooner or later inquiring minds will start asking questions.  And sooner or later other mistakes will be made which get just too damned many of the herd's noses sniffing in your direction.  And when that happens, watch out because the whole corrupt game could come crashing down in an instant.  All of a sudden, the authorities show up in force.  And then they get to do a grand public victory lap which paints them as the good guys.  A lot of pent up good guys will be chomping at the bit for such an opportunity these days.

The timing for exposing all of this could not be better.  People are losing confidence in our government.  Many people, including me, believe that while not all government employees are corrupt, a huge section of them are, especially those at the top.  Government knows this!  Government saw Trump get elected because of this!  So many in government are now beginning to do their jobs again because they themselves are now at less risk of being targeted internally.  Instead of the crooks having all the air support, the good guys (who were on self imposed lock down for fear of losing their cushy pension bennies) are poking their noses out of their foxholes and, upon finding that their face is not immediately shot off by the enemy, they begin the counterattack.

When liberalism rules the herd, which it does in a cyclical fashion over time, people just let these things pass.  Even smart, aware people.   Why?  Because we all have a built in herding instinct which includes not rocking the boat unless you are 100,000% sure and unless there is really no other choice.  And even then most people will say nothing.  Look at all the women that Cosby and Weinstein abused and nobody said anything until the dam broke.

Why does it work like this?  Simply because sometimes the herd waxes liberal and other times conservative.   When the herd is in a liberal mood then all this crap can go on like it was normal.  But when the conservative wave begins to wake people up, and I have been showing over and over again in these pages that this is happening right now, the herd does not let these things pass.  Instead, the herd wants to see see justice done.  Hand slaps are no longer good enough.  Personal accountability comes back in vogue and that means heads must roll.  And the desire for this builds upon itself as evident by the completely predictable "me too" movement.  That was a text book example of human herding.

When liberalism is running the show, the penalty for speaking up is to be ridiculed, outcast, marginalized and ignored.  Been there, got the tee shirt.  And what could be worse for a member of a herding species than to be ostracized?  It is for this reason that most people just lay back and allow evil people to operate unobstructed when the pendulum has swung liberal.

But peak liberalism has arrived.  The signs are overwhelming.  The herd no longer ignores the so called conspiracy theorists so easily.  In fact, the herd is now listening intently and looking for evidence that the laughable "conspiracy theorist" (which is simply a label that liberals put onto someone who might more accurately be labeled "hyper observant and highly analytical" in order to throw dirt on their observations) might actually be on to something.  And if the awakened/conservative leaning herd smells even a little bit of trouble it will dig deeper until something big is uncovered.

Let's keep an eye on these money laundering websites.  Their collapse and disappearance will be yet another evidence point that liberalism is in full retreat.

Now, all of this is based on my larger socionomic Elliott wave model.  You know, the same one that predicted the collapse of GE and of the peaking of IBM long before these things became realities and long before there were even any signs of trouble.  Despite these successes, what I could be seeing here is just a large retracement of liberalism but with higher highs coming.  I don't think that will be the case based on my wave count but all of this is based on probabilities and not certainties.  So if I suddenly stop posting and you find out from my wife through these pages that I have suffered a heart attack or that I have decided suddenly to commit suicide right at the same time that I am building a luxury fishing yacht and creating a vacation home in the Bahamas (i.e. not things you do just before eating a bullet or otherwise offing yourself), well, you will have to come to your own conclusion as to what really happened to me.  After all, you wouldn't want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist, now would you?


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