Saturday, March 17, 2018

Does SNL discriminate against gay men??

Long ago I predicted that the end days of the global debt Ponzi would be characterized by broad based infighting.  Well, everywhere I turn I see nothing but infighting.  Everyone hates everyone, even people who they have never met and who have never done them any wrong.  The world is full of imagined insults that have no basis in reality.  Satan would be so proud of the effects that his Mammon money, which is teetering on the brink globally, is having on we weak and foolish humans.

The infighting is not just between left and right.  Look at the constant turmoil in Trump's White house.  There is someone fired and walked out of Trumps advisory circle nearly every week these days.  It used to be a big deal if one major advisor was pushed out PER TERM.  Now it happens several times per month.  And the left is beginning to show more signs of its internal schisms as well.  You would think that no liberal could ever complain about the liberals at Saturday Night Live, AKA Hate Trump Central.  But recent stories show us that this is not so as SNL is accused of bias based on sexual orientation of gay males.

If you read the story, essentially a gay male comedian has interviewed there several times without being offered a job.  It is a liberal trait to blame others for your shortcomings and thus in these cases the liberal will not look inward to determine what might be lacking.  Nope. It can't be my fault, they think, because I have judged myself to be exceptional.   Instead, the other guy must be at fault.  And so then the liberal reviews his list of negative terms and brands those who don't appreciate their particular talents with some kind of negative label such as homophobic, bigot, etc.  Do they ever consider that they might just suck at what they do or that their skills are simply not viewed as being a good match for the broader team/theme?  Of course not.  It's much easier to just play the guilt shame card to try to get special treatment.  "Hey everyone, we should all be upset at SNL!  Let's boycott the show until SNL buckles to our whims!"

Well, everyone has the right to boycott anything for any reason but those kinds of control games never really work unless there is a true issue of morality in play (which is certainly not the case in SNL's hiring practices).  At the end of the day, guilt shaming is just another liberal tactic whose goal is to manipulate someone else into giving something for nothing.

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