Monday, March 5, 2018

Florida legislature acts in line with the new conservative wave

Despite waves of emotionally charged protests and politically motivated cry-fests organized and scripted by CNN, the Florida legislature has reacted to the recent school shooting not by banning assault rifles but by arming the teachers.  Yes, they did go after bump stocks which I think are just a stupid device which is of little use in either self defense or war against tyranny.  Additionally, they did punish everyone between the ages of 18 and 21 by disallowing the purchase of a shotgun or rifle until 21+. 

The main threat of the new laws was the additional spending of $400 on mental health which is just another way for big government to control people.  If their new mental health system suspects you of being crazy then I'm sure they will be able to strip you of your rights and of course if you try to defend yourself against yourself being forced into a mental institution by people with questionable motives then you will automatically be deemed crazy.  After all, who among us would not enjoy a few months in the crazy house having to take psychotropic meds and receiving shock treatments?

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