Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's getting ugly in government

Well the expected infighting is escalating with the recent firing of Andrew McCabe.  Others in corrupt liberal government have gotten removed from their positions before him.  Take that corrupt bitch Lois Lerner who clearly oversaw a policy of bias against conservatives during her tenure at the IRS.  I mean, it was more than obvious.  And for her to sit up there and take the 5th during congressional inquiry spoke volumes about her corruption.  But did she get fired?  Not really.  She definitely had no choice but to leave her position but she simply retired into a lifetime benefit of the federal pension system.  More on this later but back to McCabe for a minute.  He was accused of various forms of corruption and he was only "days" before being eligible for that cushy lifetime ripoff of the American public called the federal pension.  But instead of being allowed to jump off the stage using his expected golden parachute retirement program, McCabe was fired with cause thus putting his entire retirement in jeopardy.

If there are two things that the career liberal elitist government conspirator fears it is prison and the elimination of their lifetime pension benefits.  They will put up with ANYTHING for the liberal team without complaint: public shaming, you name it.  But if these two punishments are on the table then watch out because Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.  They do not want to be thrown under the bus like this because it represents a path of nonrecovery for them.  So when faced with these two things you can bet that a lot of people who know where a lot of skeletons are buried will be highly motivated to start talking in exchange for better treatment.

As I have stated many times, those who are taken down first in the criminal enterprise collapse generally get off easier.  They benefit from the fact that the norm had been for so many years that made men (and women) never got in trouble for anything personally.  It was always the organization that would bear the impact.  But as time went on, the individuals would take more and more of the deserved punishment directly.  United We Stand breaks down and turns into Every Man For Himself.  With the firing of McCabe we are entering the phase where big made men in government are now at major risk of having to pay for their past sins personally instead of being shielded by the organization.  This is not happening "just because".  It is a direct result of the conservative wind that has been blowing and that is picking up speed in the final days of the Global Debt Ponzi.

Every time you read "GDP" in the news, you should not be thinking Global Domestic Product because the real meaning of that acronym is Global Debt Ponzi and those running this shit show know damned well.

One final word about Lerner.  So far she thinks she got away with her crimes and her treasonous behavior as she is now receiving her federal pension.  But if I were her I would be looking for property in a non-extradition country because I think the people are not done with her yet.  I think charges will be forthcoming based on new evidence from some liberal criminal who got caught hands in the cookie jar and they will sing like a canary about her crimes.  This is the way all big criminal organizations eventually meet their downfall and so I believe the model will hold this time as well.

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