Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Not another word about disarming me until the government criminals killing so many around the world are disarmed.

US and Russia are decimating the population of Syria for no damned good reason.  This is the war version of GW Bush's massively liberal statement that he had to "abandon" free market principles in order to save the free market... "we have to kill the civilians in order to protect them".  What mother fucking right does the US government have to use our tax money killing innocent women, children and men?  Is this how the supposed shining beacon of freedom is supposed to act?  These massive overseas civilian casualties are mind numbing.  Could you imagine if some other country wanted to help US citizens out by lobbing bombs around carelessly in our cities?  This insanity is out of control and it pains me to see it being done with my tax money and in my name.

These people are such easy targets because they have no guns.  Planes can swoop in on them with very little chance of even taking a bullet in the wing.  If every person over there could shoot back then maybe just maybe we would be a bit more careful who we killed with such reckless abandon.  We are making terrorists left and right.  Those whose innocent family members have been killed "by accident" have a rightful grievance and are morally entitled to their revenge.  We need to kick these liberal war mongers out of office and get someone in there who will put a stop to the endless military industrial complex war machine.  We just don't fucking need this crap and every American who reads this should share my anger and shame at what is being done to other humans in our names.

With that said, anyone who talks about controlling my guns should just shut the fuck up until they can control the killing of tens of thousands of foreign civilians by their elected government officials.  Are our hundreds per year lost through gun mass shootings really the best target for their fake moral show?  I think not.  Tell the evil government to disarm before you even THINK of asking me to because they have killed millions over the years for no good reason and I have never physically hurt or killed anyone.  Not one person.  The armed man that pounds on my door demanding my guns is likely to be the first.

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