Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rise of the conservative Democrat??

Well I have been saying for a long time that democrats were going to swing conservative but here is the first headline I have seen to that effect over on DrudgeReport today.  No sooner than he had won Pennsylvania, Connor Lamb began publically calling for the replacement of the top con men on either side of the aisle, namely Pelosi and Ryan.  This is not normal!  Normally a candidate would owe so much to the incestuous system that they cannot come out and say these kinds of obvious truths.  But, as I predicted would come about, money is not winning elections anymore.  Ideas are.  After being tricked time and again to vote for promises of more free money by those who cannot possibly deliver on that promise, the herd is now demanding better candidates on both sides.  Less greasy con men, more people who actually want to serve and make things better.

I've never been a big Trump fan even though I strongly predicted he would win over criminal Hillary.  He was just less evil than she is.  In general I think party politics is dying fast.  The decades of technology growth without any real improvement in the standard of living of the rank and file is catching up with the con men running this show.  We did all the work but they have received all the benefit.

I personally do not care if a person in office is dem or gop.  I just want whoever is in the role to embrace the honest conservative values of individualism over herd think, fairness, honesty, transparency, the move to become debt free and to use honest money instead of the fake dollar (AKA production and savings before consumption), the right to manage my own life and my own affairs, including that of managing my own personal security which necessitates firearm ownership and other libertarian beliefs/demands.

In a recent CNN piece, Connor Lamb was quoted on some of the issues:

Health care: Lamb criticized the GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare and called for bipartisan efforts to stabilize its markets. "I'll work with anyone from either party who wants to help people with pre-existing conditions, improve the quality of care, and reduce premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and prescription drug prices," he says on his campaign website.
    Taxes: He called the GOP tax bill a "giveaway" to wealthy Americans and said he supports cuts for the middle class. "We didn't need to add a penny to our debt to have the tax cut for our working and middle-class people," Lamb said in a debate.

    Gun control: He's called for a stronger system of background checks but no new gun restrictions. "I believe we have a pretty good law on the books and it says on paper that there are a lot of people who should never get guns in their hands," Lamb said.

    Tariffs: He supports President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, saying at a debate that "we have to take some action to level the playing field."

    Abortion: Lamb personally opposes abortion but backs the Supreme Court's decision legalizing it. "Once you make something a right, it's a right. And it's like that for a reason," he told HuffPost. Lamb told the Weekly Standard he doesn't support a ban on abortion at 20 weeks.

    This guy seems quite centrist and sane to me.  He is clearly not just another liberal attack dog.

    Congrats to Connor Lamb and good luck in draining the swamp be the snake GOP or dem.  We all know that the dems did not create all these problems on their own.  It was liberalism painted liberally across BOTH political parties that got us in the mess we are in.  In the not too distant future we will see conservatism fixing many of these broken things but unless we want to remain in a pendulum swinging too far left and then too far right we need to get rid of the fake money and reset the global monetary system.  A massive controlled shock now will be far better than a massive uncontrolled collapse later.

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