Saturday, March 17, 2018

More on Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb's PA victory is being cited as a reference in the "Democrat's civil war".  I just think that these headlines are amazing because they completely confirm my long term predictions that:

- liberalism has peaked and the new winners will lean more conservative (and then in some years to come, TOO damned "conservative").

- infighting will escalate as a smaller and smaller pie of corruption is available to be shared by the organized criminal cartel known as big government.  This is mob bosses fighting internally because Mark and Patsy have finally woken up and are no longer watching like cows at a passing train.  Instead they are as wolves staring intently for weakness and the presence of fresh meat.

The article states about Lamb, "The 33-year-old Marine veteran opposed abortion (while backing abortion rights), described a $15 minimum wage as “high” and ran an ad showing him taking target practice with a machine gun — none of which sit well with the ascendant Democratic base.".

As I have always said, it is NOT about political party affiliation.  There are massive numbers of crazy liberals in the GOP who never found a war they don't like (liberal notion) and who think more debt is the solution to everything (wildly liberal notion).  BOTH parties have been massively liberal leaning for decades.  What we are going to see now is  the race to conservatism.  Dem and GOP will now resort to one-ups-manship about who is more conservative.  When you see these people moving right, just remember what I have always said: true conservatives do not ebb and flow with the tide.  They don't care what others think.  They have their well established principals and morals and they don't swing back and forth.  Ron Paul was/is the consummate conservative.  He ticks off all the boxes.  Conservative views on sound money, on not taking on debt, on limited government (meaning maximum power left to individuals to manage their own lives and to seek happiness and prosperity in their own ways).  He never swayed, waffled or changed.

But most politicians are liberals because government is a parasitic function.  So most of them will behave in a liberal fashion and that is why both dem and GOP are moving right.  Not because that is their real value base but rather because no successful politicians needs a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.

Again, I congratulate Conor for his win.  Other dems will be looking at this centrist success and it will cause more and more of them to defect from the dying liberal party message.  They will increasingly begin to define their own brand of centrism despite increasingly loud calls from the central democrat partly leadership not to retreat from the failing party line.

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