Sunday, March 11, 2018

More signs of the move right.

The New York Times has written a piece outlining many of the ills with the left coast and it it appear the words "we've probably hit peak silicon valley".  It says that billionaire investor Peter Thiel "reportedly considered San Francisco’s progressive culture “toxic,” and sought out a city with more intellectual diversity".  That is really well said IMO because the left love to repeat the word "diversity" as if they have some kind of trade mark on it.  They all herd in the same way way thus making it, as Thiel points out, an actual lack of intellectual diversity.  It's like someone who champions the notion of investing diversity while being 100% invested in stocks and other fake paper assets.  The article is interesting in that it also shows that real money is moving out of Silicon Valley and thus taking real jobs with it to other places where people will work for far less money simply because they have the low cost lifestyle of mid west, etc.  If I owned property in Cally I would dump it into the current peak prices which so many people foolishly believe is a new normal.  It's not.  It's a bubble and when the liberalism dies and the conservatives rise we are going to see property prices out there first stumble and then take a massive tumble.

Another sign of the rising conservatism is found in a new article posted on of all places.  It suggests that "swearing at work can help you succeed".  I will not say that swearing is a conservative trait but speaking plainly is.  And if the occasional swear word drops in there in order to help make the point more plainly then I don't see it as a big thing.  But it would have to be kept under great control and never used in a threatening fashion in order to qualify for conservative.  But my point is that when did you ever think you were going to see this kind of "advice" in a respected work related website like ladders?  It's just another reflection of a new direction that the herd is moving in and as I said many times before, not all of it will be good.  There is always a percentage of the people who have to bastardize principles.  The extreme left certainly has their rabid fringe as does the extreme right.  That is why I like to look at and report on multiple data points over time.  Individual stories don't matter.  It is the trend that matters.  It is the direction of herd movement which will shape our futures.

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