Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Nanny State is dying just like it grew up: by degree

During the rise of the rabid liberals, the power of government extended deep into the family to the point where government was telling parents how to raise children.  This is so liberal!  Someone who has no real vested interest in a matter, no understanding of it in fact, comes in and uses their keen but fucking misguided powers of observation to tell others how to live their lives.  Do as I say but not as I do.  Too bad if the new rules cause all kinds of unintended consequences!  Those can just be blamed on poor parenting after the fact.  I can tell you from personal experience that occasional spanking is a good practice when the child forgets his place, especially for strong male children.  Spare the rod and spoil the child was not just some saying that someone made up.  It is part of the old wisdom which has been working for centuries.

The unintended consequences of shackling parents from doing their job the old fashioned way is that kids grow up without balance.  Then when they act out in Jr High and High School, the state tells their parents that they need to be drugged.  Here is an early article in the liberal climb which pushed this ridiculous idea back in 1970.  Back in 2008 the first real fight back began with articles like this one questioning what had then become routine use of drugs like Ritalin.  Keep in mind that in many cases the government in conjunction with the school would tell parents that the kid must be drugged or he could not attend school.  OR they would tell parents the kid must be drugged or he would be taken away using physical force (i.e. fucking "I'm just doing my job" cops with guns) and either put in a mental hospital or foster care.

In related acts, government would see parents giving their kids some freedom and then swoop in and call it child abuse.  Yep, good old government watching out for everyone's interests, doing the best thing for family values BY TEARING FAMILIES APART.  Yes, Child Protective Services (damn them all to Hell along with everyone from Planned Parenthood) would observe behavior and then rush to judgement and then bully parents into doing things their way under threat of removal of children from the home.

Well all these things are dying now.  If you work for CPS or PP, time to find another job and if you are smart, don't tell your new employer that you used to work at these places or at least position yourself as someone who wanted to do good but had to quit those places when you finally came to your senses and realized that they were purposely doing more harm than good.(1)   Today's evidence point comes in the form of funny sounding headlines out of Utah: Free Range Parenting.  The new law essentially pulls some of the control over ones own children which was grabbed by the state back to the parents.

In the example above, some parents decided to let their kids walk part of the way home from school.  Government got wind of this and made a CPS case of child neglect (which is a serious criminal charge).  They told the parents to toe the government line or else the kids would be taken away.  Why more CPS assholes have not been shot in the face for "just doing their job(2)" I will never know.  Clearly they roll up to your door with a cop in tow just in case but it just amazes me how many people allow the Family Gestapo to kidnap their children simply out of fear of legal reprisal.  But that's what happened.

The power of the nanny state is cracking apart right before our eyes.  Few have the big picture eyes to see it but I see it.  I'm tracking it in real time.  Like everything else it is trackable using the Elliott wave principle which states that movement in the direction of a trend is marked by 3 steps forward with two steps back interspersed between the forward steps.  In other words, it is not a straight path to the collapse of the nanny state but I am seeing increasing evidence that the societal trend for nanny statism is now trending down in a significant way.  Peak liberalism is clearly behind us and its institutions are being torn down by the herd.  Powerful people who have acted liberally are being jailed for their crimes instead of being protected by the system.  Crappy laws that give government all the control and nothing to the people are being reversed.  Gold and silver are being remonitized in most states now (i.e. no taxes paid on buying or selling, etc. and in general treating these metals like money instead of the scam treatment of them as commodities which gold certainly is not).


(1) More harm than good.  This is an important point.  There are no guarantees in life.  Who among us knows with certainty what outcome will be achieved by any specific action?  NOBODY, that's who.  Let's say you have a very strong, very active child who does not do well in a school environment.  The things he accomplishes show that he is not stupid.  He is simply a free spirit whose square peg cannot be pounded into a round hole.  We have two choices.  We can force him to conform or we can find some place where he is at home.  Maybe that kind of kid needs to live with his parents in a cabin in Alaska getting up in the cold of each morning to chop firewood or go hunting with all of that energy.  Maybe all these experiences equip him to be a superstar in society later on.  But none of that can happen if we pump Ritalin into the kid in order to get him to conform.  The government says they are trying to make things better and all they talk about is their hoped benefit.  They happily ignore the fact that they are experimenting with things they know nothing about.  The government does not care if it does more harm than good as long as it can make a credible political statement about the good it is doing, no matter how fake that good actually it.

(2) I'm just doing my job is the excuse used by the enablers of corruption, the paid muscle of the criminal cartel if you will, for many years.  I got news for these people: that excuse is not going to cut it anymore.  If an enforcer for the mob comes into your store, your life, and demands payment in some form, including demands to swear fealty, do you listen to them if they tell you they are just doing their job?  Well you do if you are a pussy.  Otherwise you duke it out on the spot.  Trust me, after a few dukings the paid soldiers begin to question what they are doing.  The elite have no power of their own.  They only have the power which others agree to give to them.  The scam which so few understand is that the elite have control of our corrupt money supply and so they can print endless amounts of fake money with which to bribe "just doing my job" assholes like cops, CPS, IRS and myriad other government bureaucrats so that they mistreat and control their fellow citizens.  As the fake money system goes into collapse thus so does the power of the elite to bribe their citizen collaborators.  Fat pensions turn into defined 401ks like the rest of us have.  Being treated a special legal class which gets preferential treatment in the fake justice system goes by the wayside and bad actors in the public sector go under the bus.  The result is that less and less of the public decide to collaborate with the elite against their fellow citizen.  At some point critical mass is lost and those still remaining in league with the elite are taken down with aggressive force and treated as what they actually are: collaborators with an occupying force.  This is just recounting history.  Take it for what its worth but don't be even a little surprised when it begins to happen.

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