Monday, March 5, 2018

Iranian supreme leader wants Americans to be disarmed

In a show of solidarity with his liberal counterparts in the USA, it is being reported that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is calling on America to "make guns illegal" in light of deadly shootings that have taken place across the United States.  Who on the liberal side will be sending this gentleman a nice thank you note and a gift basket for lending his support to the de-gunnification cause?  I'm sure that all Americans who do not want to be disarmed certainly see these statements by the Supreme Leader of a terrorist state as being the strongest case for destroying the American constitution.  It's absolutely hysterical that this guy actually thinks he is helping the liberal disarmament cause.  Even liberals had to cringe when this bozo came out in support of their agenda.

In a wonderful show of the liberal notion of do as I say and not as I do, A.K. made his comments while instructing his government to spend billions of dollars on military hardware and ballistic missiles.  How predictable.  Yawn.

In other news, new members are flowing into the NRA like it was Christmas.  I can tell you that the best way to avoid a massive increase in gun ownership right now is to simply stop talking about it.  Each time we get some new anti gun mouthpiece event like the Oscars or some moron liberal weighing in on the matter, it just makes more closet NRA members come out in full support of massive new gun purchases.

I vote that the NRA begin to offer militia training courses and weekend drills.  I think they should create a quasi military uniform and have military style ranks, gun related achievement ribbons, etc.  NRA should promote itself as a civilian alternative to military service.  Kind of like a well armed Boy Scouts where libertarian principles of limited government and sound money are taught.  The main difference between government military and civilian militia would be that the mission statement would be preparedness against social chaos caused by government malfeasance as well as to oppose tyranny should the government decide to try to stay in power by the use of force.  Instead of paying its members to be part of the militia, members would buy all of their own gear, pay a membership fee and pay for all their own training expenses.  All fees should be payable in gold and silver coin with the use of paper money derided, frowned upon and ridiculed at every juncture.

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