Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's the end game for the global debt Ponzi?

I want to be on record as saying again at this time what I have said so many time in the past which is that the elite are quite aware they are running a debt Ponzi and if they just let it collapse in people's faces without some kind of distraction or plausible excuse for the collapse (other than that they are running a debt Ponzi...) then the elite can find themselves swinging from a noose in the streets. 

It's happened before.  Its called a pitchfork revolution and it simply means the little guy who does all the work is tired of getting the short end of the stick from the corrupt system that is built from the ground up to steal the labor of the masses and use it to enrich the few.  The engine of this theft is none other than fiat currency and fractional reserve banking which is a total scam and a complete con job to anyone with any understanding of economics.  It essentially allows the banker in Monopoly to take out loans and thus receive unearned money before anyone else who is actually working for a living has a chance to earn that same money.  This new money, which doesn't actually come out of the stock of pink, green and yellow notes of the Monopoly bank but which are rather IOUs created from thin air, is used to buy up all the productive assets in the game long before any real worker could possibly earn enough to make the purchase.  So the banker ends up with double hotels on everything from Park Place and Boardwalk to Baltic and Mediterranean.

Yes, the sneaky, useless, elitist moneyman predictably ends up with it all.  Not because he earned any of it but simply because he made up the corrupt rules of the game and then convinced Mark and Patsy to play by them.  We, the dumb ass people, in aggregate do not realize that green paper is not money and that fractional reserve lending is nothing more than a fucking scam.

At some point all the properties are bought up and everyone who has nothing in the game decides they are tired of playing because the wealth divide is just so wide that a big reset is needed for anyone except the elite to have a good life.  That's when the bankers need to start a war.  Wars wipe out productive assets and scare the people into borrowing more money to continue playing the game.  I wish this was all just a board game but world watchers like George Friedman says its coming soon.

The narrative is this:  N. Korea is always making a big deal about how it will wipe the US out with a "big explosion" and be triumphant against the west.  China's had their back for a long time so the US didn't just go in there and "Iraq" them.  But with all these nuclear tests and now rocket tests, N. Korea is becoming a threat for preemptive nuclear strike on the US.

The internal thinking in the US is simple: the boy leader is a big mouth and he's probably full of crap but even if there is only .001 % chance that Los Angeles will be made uninhabitable for the next 30 years by a nuclear blast, that is too high a risk to take.  So as they demonstrate their nuclear progress, the odds of being savagely attacked by the US grow exponentially.

Would their fat faced leader actually do that?  Would he attack us preemptively?  Nobody can know for sure.  I personally think that all his bluster is simply trying to keep the US out of his corner of the woods.  Yes he is trying to build a bomb but perhaps he saw that anyone in the middle east who was at odds with the USA and had a bomb was not attacked whereas those without nukes died of unnatural causes.  This is not crazy thinking.  Imagine if you had hidden a bomb in an undetectable location in NYC and that you had sent the spec and pictures of the bomb in place and then perhaps even detonate one 50 miles offshore so that everyone knows you can actually detonate a powerful nuke in NYC.  At that point you pretty much become a sovereign nation unto your own.  You could break any US law you wanted to and make any demand you wanted to and the powers that be would just put up with you because the alternative of seeing a mushroom cloud over NYC would be too great a threat to risk bringing you to heel.

On the US side, the argument seems logical for needing to attack.  After all Kim Jong Un has made a lot of loud anti US statements (even if the people never heard why he made these threats - was it because the US was actively trying to sabotage his attempts to acquire the means for self defense?).  Americans don't like to be threatened.  To date most Americans, whether rightly or wrongly, have written him off as insane.  Generally there is more to the story than meets the eye so I would not be surprised to find that we had actively been meddling in the affairs of "his" country trying to cause regime change (without success).  But regardless of this provocation Kim Jong Un has not done himself any favors by loudly proclaiming his hate of America.  All he has done with this is to give the US a target to go after by making a big show of his efforts to develop nuclear weapons and associated long range delivery systems.

If he had any brains at all he would go on air and tell everyone it was all a big misunderstanding with meaning lost in translation.  He should stand down his nuclear weapons capability and let the material be confiscated.  This would stop the US from using N. Korea as a scapegoat in the coming funny money collapse.  Then he could go continue his programs quietly, underground, and just wait for the US empire to collapse of its own debt load.

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Augustine said...

"Over a period of three years or so, we killed off — what — 20% of the population." (USAF Gen. Curtis LeMay)

This is the kind of stuff that the fat faced Koran has in mind but that most fat faced Americans ignore:

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